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Social Responsibility Statement

Pallet Consultants works to be examples in our communities and industry.

We strive to practice and encourage a fair, transparent, safe and equitable work environment. We’re dedicated to environmental sustainability as shown in our Environmental Policy. Our teams are committed to giving back to our communities, having a diversity of people in our organization and ensuring there is ample opportunity for growth within the company.

Pallet Consultants is focused on social responsibility through our:TeamsEnvironmental ImpactCommunitiesSupply ChainBusiness Principles

Pallet Consultants is focused on social responsibility through our:

Environmental Impact
Supply Chain
Business Principles


Pallet Consultants is a people company. As much as this applies to our customers it’s also true for our team members. A number of policies are practiced in order to give them the respect, transparency and compensation they deserve. 

  • All employees are paid a living wage 
  • Detailed safety and operational training is provided 
  • All roles throughout the company regardless of function or status are seen as stepping stones to the position(s) above them and team members are encouraged to grow and expand with the company
  • We’re an equal opportunity employer and with strong anti-discrimination policies and are not biased on the basis of race, sex, color, nationality or national origin, class, religion, age, disability, marital status, sexual orientation or gender identification, political opinion, or any other status protected by applicable law
  • Pallet Consultants offers some of the best benefits in the pallet industry, including paid time off, 401(k) and health insurance that includes dental coverage 
  • Processes are in place for team members to give their input on various company functions and policies, including whistleblower provisions


Environmental Impact

As reviewed in our Environmental Policy, we take our ecological responsibilities very seriously. 

  • All Pallet Consultants products are renewable and highly recyclable 
  • Pallet Consultants is a zero-landfill company and does not contribute to garbage dumps. 
  • We’re working toward a carbon natural future and our products, services and processes are all built from the ground up with sustainability and efficiency in mind 
  • We recycle wood, cardboard, plastic, metal and other materials collected from both our facilities and those of our clients 
  • The transportation fleets of our facilities are used as efficiently as possible in terms of their routing and load capacity to minimize fuel usage 
  • Pallet Consultants also encourages our supply chain partners and clients to adopt more sustainable practices for a carbon neutral future



Pallet Consultants is likewise committed to the communities we operate in and where our team members live. 

  • From collecting charitable gifts for organizations like Toys for Tots to coordinating logistics for natural disaster relief efforts, we’re always active in our communities 
  • We recognize our responsibilities and commitments extend to more than just our teams and our customers, but include society as a whole 
  • Pallet Consultants desires to always bring positive impact to the areas we service, and offer our products, transportation fleet or logistics expertise to assist communities and organizations with philanthropic projects  


Supply Chain

We work with our supply chain partners to build a more sustainable, efficient and safer system. 

  • We are selective in who we conduct business with and do not associate with companies that violate workers’ rights, human rights or conduct environmental abuses 
  • Our new lumber only comes from sources certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative
  • Pallet Consultants is also part of trade organizations like the National Wooden Pallet and Container Association and the Western Pallet Association to be more connected to the industry and affect positive change 
  • We work with our clients and partners to increase efficiency and reduce environmental impacts


Business Principles

The quality and integrity of our business is an important part of our company culture. Our operations, process, relationships and team members are all expected to enhance our reputation and standing.

  • All business is conducted in a legal manner while also meeting the company standards which include but are not limited to our various environmental, workplace, safety and employee policies
  • Fair competition with our competitors
  • Pallet Consultant employees conduct lawful business practices consistent with the company’s code of conduct; anti-bribery and corruption policies, and complies with all applicable local, state, and federal laws and rules, and that accurate books and records are kept reflecting these expenses
  • Pallet Consultants will support any employee, contractor, and vendor who raises concerns in good faith under our whistleblower policy, even if an investigation finds they are mistaken


All members of the Pallet Consultants team help us meet these social responsibility standards. We’re committed to being positive influences on our communities and the country while paying a living wage to all workers, facilitating professional mobility within our ranks and ensuring our environmental impact is minimized.

Our Values

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