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Unit Load Consulting

With our unit load consulting service, we can effectively design or redesign your pallet to maximize its effectiveness by using the principles of systems-based design.

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Key Benefits

  • Improved Warehouse Safety
  • Reduced Product Damage
  • Lower Packaging Costs
  • Increased Unit Load Handling Speed
  • Improved Storage & Shipping Space Efficiency
  • More Efficient Use of Natural Resources

Don't get caught using the wrong Pallet grade. Learn everything you need to know.

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Unit Load Consulting

We offer extensive pallet redesign expertise. Using Pallet Design System (PDS) our team can troubleshoot packaging performance problems and recommend design improvements that eliminate product damage. Our design and use analysis ensure that you’re getting superior performance at the best possible price.

Pallet Design System

Pallet Standardization

Consolidating pallet designs allows you to achieve economies of scale and creates more efficient storage and shipping cube utilization. In addition, consolidating pallet designs means decreased quantities and enhanced buying power, lowering your costs. Our team will evaluate your pallet inventory, production line, shipping and handling procedures, and storage systems to determine the best opportunities for standardizing platforms. We can also research your customer’s supply chain to maximize the possibility for a return on your pallet investment through resale, reuse or a repair/retrieval program.

Pallet Consultants Additional Services

RFP Preparation

We conduct site audits and create pallet and packaging specifications that reflect the wood packaging your facilities are actually using. We analyze the designs for safe load tolerance and performance. We can also manage the entire bid process, using our experience to identify qualified manufacturers, negotiate valued-added services and implement cost-reduction strategies in pallet sourcing and raw material supply.

Learn More About Optimizing Load Capacity

 Watch a short video of how Pallet Consultants reduce costs of shipping and provide a solution by optimizing your load capacity .


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