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Specialty Pallets

We pride ourselves in the timely delivery of quality pallets through fine-tuned manufacturing and transportation.

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Key Benefits

  • Cost savings can exceed 30% over new pallet costs
  •  Reasonable lead times
  •  Structurally proven to perform as designed
  •  Sturdy, quality materials
  •  Reduces Carbon footprint
  •  Reduces new lumber usage
  •  All Pallets can be heat treated to ISPM-15 requirements 

Don't get caught using the wrong Pallet grade. Learn everything you need to know.

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Remanufactured Pallets

Remanufactured Pallets

A custom-made pallet using all recycled materials. We manufacture pallets to your specifications out of recycled decking and stringer boards reclaimed from dismantled pallets. These pallets reduce your cost in comparison to new or combination pallets. Remanufactured pallets are environmentally friendly and allow us to reuse material that might otherwise contribute to our nation’s landfills without our services.

Pallet Design System

Combo Pallets

These pallets are manufactured to your specification and are more consistent and uniform than a recycled pallet. These pallets use a combination of recycled components and new components. Most “combo” or “hybrid” pallets use recycled deckboards and new stringers, although any combination is possible. This option can be a viable solution for cost reduction while meeting specific engineering requirements that can only be achieved with the use of new stringer material.

Glass & Can Pallets

Glass & Can Pallets

54x44 Glass Pallet & 44x56 Can Pallets are unique to the beverage industry and not consistently available. Please check in with your local or national sales executive to accurate stock levels.

Industry Specific Pallets

Industry Specific Pallets

· 48 x 40 Block pallet required by Costco
· 48 x 48 Drum Pallets are primarily used for Fruit Juices and Chemical industry
· 44 x 44 Primarily used by the Chemical industry
· 42 x 42 Typically used by the telecommunications and Paint industries
· 40 x 48 (Reverse) - Generally used by DoD, concrete block and cement manufacturers
· 48 x 42 Pallets Primarily used by the beverage industry
· 48 x 44 - 4 stringer Pallets are generally used by the paper industry
· 48 x 45 Pallets generally used with gaylords
· 44 x 56 Can and Glass Pallets primarily used by the beverage and specialty can industry
· 24 x 40 Display Pallets, Mini or Half Pallets used for in store retail displays
· 1200 x 1000 EURO Pallets for export to the EU
· 1200 x 800 EURO Pallets for export to the EU
· CP 1, 2, 3, 5, etc. Chemical Pallets

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