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Crates & Boxes

We pride ourselves in the timely delivery of quality crates & boxes through fine-tuned manufacturing and transportation.

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Key Benefits


  • Increased Product Protection
  • Lightweight
  • Engineered for your exact application
  • Non Stackable


  •  Substantial Product Protection
  • Stackable
  • Engineered for your exact application
  • Reusable
Crates and Boxes

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Wooden Crates


Crates are a cost-effective option for merchandise that requires more protection than a pallet can provide, yet doesn’t justify the cost of a fully enclosed box. Crates are an excellent option for lighter, less-expensive merchandise that can tolerate shipping and storage with modest protection.

Compared to boxes, crates provide modest security at a modest price. Lower-grade lumber is less expensive, but it is also harder to warranty. Like boxes and pallets, we can make custom crates to suit a wide variety of applications.

Crates are Ideal for:

  • Merchandise that only requires protection from impact, such as bicycles or tile.
  • Merchandise that does not need to be fully enclosed
  • One-way shipping: Most crates become unusable after meeting the crowbar upon delivery.
  • Shipping or storage situations that don’t involve stacking — crates are not designed to stack vertically in most situations.
Pallet Consultants Boxes


Solid, resilient and completely enclosed, boxes are the workhorses of the shipping industry. When you seal your merchandise inside one of our boxes, you can rest assured that it is safe from the elements, from curious hands and even from prying eyes.

Made from high-grade lumber, our boxes provide an extra layer of protection, security and durability for sensitive material, heavy material or material that is bound for an arduous journey. 

Boxes are Ideal for:

  • Shipping overseas.
  • Multiple-use operations — our boxes are tough enough to be put back to work over and over, sometimes for years.
  • Specialized machinery
  • Sensitive cargo, such as exotic metals that can’t tolerate contact with human skin.

Pallet Consultants Custom Boxes

Custom Boxes

We rarely make the same box for different customers. They are very custom in nature. If you’re not sure what you need? We’d be glad to come to your facility — we prefer it.  

Unlike most crates, boxes can be stacked vertically. They can be sealed with screws instead of nails for easy re-opening and closing. We manufacture with our customer in mind. Some customers want to see a single prototype. Others prefer to get a handful of boxes into the rotation to try them out before production. Either way, every unit endures multiple inspections. 

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