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Benefits of a Pallet Audit

We offer an in-depth and comprehensive review which maps out the journey of your product and subsequently the pallet

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Key Benefits

  • Eliminate unsafe handling practices
  • Reduce damaged goods
  • Reduce pallet SKUs
  • Overall decrease in costs

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What is a Pallet Audit?

An audit examines and documents the entire pallet journey throughout your operation and identifies areas of improvement. An inspection of the wooden pallets will allow you to develop new strategies to sustain the supply and help the pallets last longer.

Companies that can benefit from doing a pallet audit:

  • Manufacturers
  • Distributors
  • Cross Dockers 
  • LTL Companies
  • Logistics & 3PL Business




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Types of Pallet Audits

The word "audit" is a general term that encompasses a wide variety of services and is unique to the customer making the request. During the initial phone screen and on-site visit with our pallet experts, we identify individual goals and center our services around the desired area of focus.  



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What is Uncovered During a Pallet Audit

As companies vary greatly, so do our findings. In a nutshell, the driving forces behind any audit are real-time data and process documentation. As a result, customers who have performed pallet audits have been able to reduce costs in shipping, minimize damages, maximize your value in freight transport, and more. 



When To Perform Pallet Auditsforklift- pallet audit

Depending on the number of pallets your operation is using, an examine should happen every one to three years. Whether you have one location shipping thousands of pallets per week or your company have multiple facilities, an audit will benefit your company by checking the quality of your product.




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