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Pallet Manufacturer in Alabama

Pallet Consultants provides pallet supply and removal to customers throughout the state of Alabama. Our team of pallet experts in Alabama is ready to provide you with pallet solutions. Our team will help you choose the correct pallet size and grade for your specific operation. Contact us today to get in touch with one of our pallet experts.


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Attentive enough to give every client the quality service they deserve. Big enough to support your needs on a national scale.

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“I couldn’t be more pleased with Pallet Consultants. Without fail, Pallet Consultants upholds our standards and keeps our supply chain functioning smoothly. Pallet Consultants is absolutely consistent with their accuracy, responsiveness, easy communications, transparency, and their commitment to upholding our quality standards at every turn. I have come to equate Pallet Consultants with nothing less than superior performance.”

Jay Magsitza, Warehouse Manager
Dr. Pepper / Snapple

“I am constantly impressed with the timeliness and accuracy of the service provided by Pallet Consultants. The staff is courteous and easy to work with. I especially appreciate the versatility and flexibility of Pallet Consultants to cater to our needs. The entire organization provides excellent customer service.”

Maurice, Facility Manager
Reddy Ice

“Our company has a strong need for pallets. For the better part of a decade Pallet Consultants has been fulfilling those needs. They have had excellent customer service and delivered all shipments in a timely manner. The pricing is great and the quality is better than all the other pallet companies I have seen. They have a simple system and it works. We look forward to doing business with them for years to come.”

Shane Glendening, Warehouse Manager
Pinnacle Express

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