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Environmental and Sustainability Policy

Pallet Consultants works to be examples in our communities and industry.

Pallet Consultants is a green company focused on the continual refinement of our business processes to not only reduce waste in all forms and increase the sustainability of our practices, but make these improvements while enhancing our product and service quality.

Pallet Consultants is focused on social responsibility through our:TeamsEnvironmental ImpactCommunitiesSupply ChainBusiness Principles

Pallet Consultants is focused on social responsibility through our:

Environmental Impact
Supply Chain
Business Principles

Pallet Consultants has sought sustainability as much as it has strived to offer true customer service since its founding in 1996 in Pompano Beach, Florida. All of our products, services and customized consultation programs are planned and executed with efficiency and renewability in mind. 

We recognize our precious planet only has a limited number of resources, and that continuing unsustainable practices harms the health of our environment, our communities, our teams and the strength of our business. We’re a no-landfill company, save over a million trees every year and are working towards a zero net carbon future. Our teams are committed to being green partners to our communities, clients and affiliates. 

Through long-term investments and forward thinking, Pallet Consultants is positioning itself and our clients for a strong, productive future that is socially and environmentally responsible. Our daily operations work towards these goals while maintaining the safety of our teams and ensuring our products and services are of the highest quality.

Pallet Consultants works to:

Reduce our environmental footprint

  • We are intolerant of waste and use fuel, material and other resources as efficiently as possible
  • Pallet Consultants is a zero-landfill company, saving over 50,000 tons of material from landfills in 2019 alone
  • All our lumber comes from sources certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative
  • We recycle several million pallets annually, and increase this number every year as we continue to expand
  • Pallet Consultants recycles wood, plastic, cardboard, metal and other materials from both our operations and those of our clients
  • Becoming carbon neutral is a long-term company goal
  • All of our products can be recycled or reused multiple times
  • Our recycling programs and efficiencies increase forest growth because of reduced need for new lumber
  • Waste material is always used in some way, for example waste wood is turned into mulch or biomass
  • Our warehouses are efficient with smart temperature control, Energy Star lighting and recycling of paper and other office materials 


Encourage and coordinate sustainable practices

  • Becoming environmentally sustainable is easier when done together, which is why we partner with clients and affiliates to improve their practices
  • We regularly audit our operations and processes in a variety of ways to maximize efficiency, and offer clients these same services
  • On-site pallet sorting and repair decreases transportation and handling, significantly reducing fuel consumption 
  • We have incentives that reward pallet recycling, pallet pools and other programs that increase recycling efficacy
  • Logistics assistance is offered to customers to increase handling and transportation efficiency, reducing fuel usage
  • Pallet Consultants is both working towards transitioning to closed-loop supply chains and encouraging clients to do the same
  • Communicate about sustainability goals and how to achieve them


Pallet Consultants is proud to be at the forefront of sustainability in the pallet and supply chain industries, where we work to enhance supply chain operations around the country. Through improving our processes, increasing sustainability for our clients and helping lead the way to supply chains that are truly environmentally-friendly, our teams begin every day excited to bring us closer to a greener future.

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do, and all our products can be recycled or reused multiple times. Pallet Consultants is proud to help advance supply chains through reducing our own environmental footprint and coordinating sustainable practices with our customers.

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