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Our Capability Statement

Choose Pallet Consultants as Your Pallet Provider

We are driven by identifying and solving packaging and shipping needs for high volume pallet users as well as providing engineering and custom solutions for clients with unique shipping situations and products. We are frequently recognized for liability mitigation, cost savings, rapid deliveries, seamless transactions, professionalism and consistent quality.


Clients and Partners

Companies who trust pallet consultants.


Mars Incorporated

Coca-Cola Corporation

Proctor & Gamble


McLane Foodservice

Publix Supermarkets

Tyson Foods

Dr Pepper

Snapple Group

KeHe Distributors

Reddy Ice


 Our Services.


On Location Pallet Repair

Pallet Supply & Removal

Pallet Design & Engineering

Pallet Durability Analysis

Surplus Pallet Purchase

Pooled Pallet Management

Warehouse Auditing

Warehouse Safety Compliance

Recyclable Material Management

Dock Sweep/ Store Sweep Programs

Trailer Unloading Service

Pallet SKU Reduction

New Pallet Manufacturing

Custom Pallet Manufacturing

ISPM Heat Treating

Recycled Pallet Re-manufacturing


Why Choose PC?


Over 60 Years of Pallet Experience

Company Owned Facilities Nationwide

Fully Committed Solution Driven Team

Proven Track Record

Detailed Documentation and Reporting



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