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Who Sells Pallets | Best Ways to Simplify the Pallet Buying Process | Pallet Consultants

By: Pallet Consultants on January 18th, 2019

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Who Sells Pallets | Best Ways to Simplify the Pallet Buying Process | Pallet Consultants

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As a successful business, it is crucial to make the best decisions when it comes to choosing a pallet supplier.  Learn who sells pallets! Pallet brokers, manufacturers, co-manufacturers and national pallet providers play a vital role in the distribution of pallets and which is best for your company to work with.

Who Sells Pallets | Pallet Consultants

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1. Manufacturers

Pallet manufacturers assemble the wooden pallets in their own warehouse and sell them to customers. Pallet manufacturers buy used pallets as well. They are the main source of pallet production and distribution. Manufacturers have the option to sell their pallets directly to customer or occasionally to pallet brokers. When choosing which pallet manufacturer to do business with take into consideration the number of facilities, the number of certified co-manufacturers they work with and also the quality of the product that is produced. Pallet Consultants manufactures a great variety of quality wooden pallets in each of our six locations and works directly with companies who purchase pallets for their operation.

2. Co-manufacturers

Companies that serve as co-manufacturers have the capacity to produce pallets. However, they do not necessarily have the proper amount of inventory or warehouse space to carry out a large amount of orders. If a manufacturer has a large order, it can use the resources of a co-manufacturer to fill it. It becomes convenient for companies who are not able to manufacture a high volume of pallets to connect with companies of a larger size and essentially help them fulfill their larger orders. If you are a co-manufacturer and would like to become an certified affiliate of Pallet Consultants please click here.


3. Pallet Brokers

Pallet brokers are able to supply wooden pallets in large quantities through there relationships with pallet manufacturers and co-manufacturers. It is best to work with a wooden pallet broker who has at least 5 physical locations. That way if a co-manufacturer is unable service you, the pallet broker can fall back on their location in another area. 


4. National Pallet Providers


A national wooden pallet provider is often a pallet manufacturer with physical locations that has formed relationships with countless manufacturers and co-manufacturers throughout the country. National Pallet Providers act as a pallet broker and also as a pallet manufacturer. In areas where national pallet providers have physical locations they will supply customers and in areas where they don't have physical locations they will rely on their strong relationships with quality vetted co-manufacturers. Using a national pallet provider like Pallet Consultants for Total Pallet Managment has benefits such as vendor consolidation and having one single point of contact.

When it comes to the optimization of your pallet buying process, our team at Pallet Consultants strives towards our goal of being both your partner and advisor in the shipping and logistics industry. We aim to educate and inform you about who you’re working with and moving forward with the confidence needed to make the best decisions for your company.


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