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Top Pallet Company | 10 Things That Set Pallet Consultants Apart

Top Pallet Company | 10 Things That Set Pallet Consultants Apart

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There’s a lot of pallet companies, but only one Pallet Consultants. Fast and quality service backed by expertise and a focus on you is how we stay at the top of our game.

The Pallet Consultants Experience

Here at Pallet Consultants, we’re dedicated to giving you not only the most enjoyable experience but also the one guided by the most expertise and knowledge. We’re constantly thinking of ways to improve our products and services, but most of all how we can continue to fit your changing needs. This list shows the 10 things that set us apart from other pallet providers. 

  1. Customer Service

This is really our guiding light. Pallet Consultants was founded over 20 years ago because there was a dire need for real customer service in the industry. Pallet companies were unresponsive to customer needs and in no big rush to get deliveries out. Pallet Consultants changed that and set the industry standard for customer service and all its related facets, like speed and friendly attitude. 

If you need something, we’re committed to getting it to you on time. If you need a solution, we’ll work with you until a fix is found. Pallet Consultants is obsessed with making sure you’re satisfied and we’ll will work tirelessly to ensure we exceed your every need and expectation.

  1. Value

We’re devoted to providing our customers with the greatest value possible. Our service is quick, professional, and expertly informed. For the quality of product and service we provide you get a great value. There’s nothing quite like complete peace of mind, and there’s no worry with us. Whether you are buying custom pallets from us and waiting on a shipment, having us handle your inventory with total pallet management, or are having our on-site pallet repair station being set up, you don’t need to think anything besides “I know Pallet Consultants has this.”

  1. Expertise

Pallet Consultants has been around for over 20 years, and in that time has seen too many facilities and operations to count. Our senior leaders also have over 60 years in the industry combined. That’s a lot of time and customers, but more importantly a lot of situations from which we gained knowledge and experience. So you not only get over two decades of experience, you also get the bleeding edge of the future as our expertise isn’t just stuck in the past. We’ve learned you need to lean into the future and be ready for the changes it brings, so we’re preparing ourselves and you for the continued evolution of the pallet and shipping industries. 

  1. Dependability

Part of our commitment to customer service is our dependability, because you aren’t serving the customer if they’re stuck waiting on you. That’s why we are rock-solid in our dependability. If we say our truck will be there in an hour, you can count on it. If we have a meeting scheduled with you, we’ll be on time. That’s how we like to be treated, so we give everyone else that same respect. Pallet Consultants isn’t a company, it’s a promise.

  1. Speed

This goes hand in hand with our promise of dependability. We know you’re busy, and time is money. That’s why we work as fast as possible for you. Whether it’s pallet delivery or just returning a phone call, we understand time is of the essence. 

Not to mention our speedy pallet delivery, where you can get a last-minute order rushed to you in a matter of hours. How many other companies can fulfill an order in such short time? Our pallet retrieval and other services are just as fast because you don’t like to wait around and neither do we. 

  1. National Service Area

Pallet Consultants is national. Whether you’re in California, Montana, Tennessee or our home state of Florida, we’re here for you. We have locations across states and partners around the country. Not only isn’t there a situation we can’t assist you with, there isn’t a place where we can’t reach you. 

  1. Variety of Products and Services

When we say we’re full service, we mean it. Pallet Consultants offers any product you could want and any service you could need. We manufacture pallets, recycle pallets, make custom sizes, heat treat for international shipment, create mulch, and even make crates and boxes. We can sort and repair pallets on and off-site, ensure you have the right pallets for your product, manage your pallet inventory or handle the thing altogether with total pallet management. All this is available to you across the entire country. 

  1. Recycling and Green Efforts

A point of pride alongside our customer service history are our green initiatives. We’re on track to save nearly 800,000 trees from being cut down this year due to our aggressive recycling efforts. We recycled nearly 5 million pallets last year, and will reach higher numbers this year!

We also have a zero landfill mission, meaning we don’t have any waste go to a landfill. We use pallets that can’t be repaired to repair other pallets. If we can’t use scrap wood for repairs, we mulch it for use in playgrounds, businesses, and around homes. If we can’t mulch the wood, it’s pressed into biomass and used to power homes and businesses. We have no waste, making Pallet Consultants is one of the greenest companies in the industry.

  1. Custom Pallets

One of our specialties are custom pallets. We can make pallets for you in any volume, dimension and construction type. We have the resources, equipment, and experienced team members to make quality custom pallets. We can even consult you on what exactly you need from a pallet and what requirements need to be met for your needs. Between our pallet engineers, years of experience, and the industry-leading Pallet Design System (PDS) software, we can help you with a custom pallet order from conception to delivery.

  1. Privately Owned Fleet

What makes us so dependable? We own our fleet of trucks and trailers. That’s why we also installed new GPS units on our entire fleet of over 500 trailers so you’ll know exactly where they are and how soon they’ll arrive. There’s no guesswork and no worry with our vehicles. Our trucks are managed in the most efficient way so there’s always some ready on standby. 

Now you can see why Pallet Consultants sets itself apart from other pallet providers and servicers. If you have any questions you’d like to ask our experienced team, start a conversation with us! We’d be happy to review them with you. What’s your favorite part about Pallet Consultants? Leave your comment below!


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