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What is Unit Load Consultation? | Pallet Consultants

By: Pallet Consultants on November 6th, 2019

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What is Unit Load Consultation? | Pallet Consultants

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Unit load consultation is a service where pallet engineers review your pallet performance to find areas of improvement. It can increase pallet performance through design improvements or save money by recommending more cost-effective pallets.

Whether your facility is just taking root or your operation has been successful for years, changes in your facility layout, products or automated systems can mean missed pallet optimization opportunities. Altering any of these factors can mean your pallets are now interacting with different products or in a different environment than they were originally intended. Periodic or incremental load consultation reviews can ensure you’re using the most cost effective pallets that still meet the needs of your unique situation. Unit load consultation can review:

  • The weight capacity of current pallets
  • More cost-effective alternative pallet dimensions
  • Load performance across different pallet designs
  • How efficiently loads can be palletized on pallets of differing size and construction
  • Pallet lifespan
  • Automated system interaction with pallet designs

For more information on how a unit load consultation can optimize your facility packaging, start a conversation with us.

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State-Of-The-Art Software

Good pallet design and consultation needs the latest software. That’s why Pallet Consultants uses the industry-leading Pallet Design System (PDS) software and our pallets meet industry standards set by the National Wooden Pallet and Container Association. This software comes with a variety of features that allow us to experiment and tweak pallet designs in many ways. Our engineers can alter pallet size, shape, construction type and even wood species to find the combination that exceeds the pallet needs of your situation.

Maximum weight capacity and expected lifespan different wood species are just some of the measurements our engineers can gleam from the PDS, allowing a detailed collaboration between teams. Additionally, we can simulate how different products will distribute weight across the pallet, how different automated systems will interact with the pallet and even the most efficient ways to palletize loads on pallets of different sizes. The granular level of information, control and simulation the PDS gives our experienced engineers takes their skill to the next level, ensuring fast and accurate design changes to pallets.

Expert Engineers

Even the best software would be useless without users who are knowledgeable, and our pallet engineering team has decades on hands-on experience to effectively wield the PDS and other tools. Having serviced hundreds of facilities in industries across the nation, our team has real-world skills that can’t be taught in a classroom or through software.

During consultation engineers can visit your facility, seeing what conditions are like in real time. This can help them suggest better alternatives or solutions, especially when unexpected situations arise. For example, our engineers once caught an issue stemming from poor automation implementation where the system was designed for use with winged pallets. The facility switched to regular, non-winged pallets, and the robotic stacker then consistently misaligned the palletized loads, causing the stacked product to collapse. Without the experience of working with multiple facilities of different types, considerations like understanding in detail how automation is implemented can mean the difference between problems being solved and problems being compounded.

Pallet Consultants has the tools and expertise to give the best consultation on unit load and pallet performance. With over 20 years of business relationships across a variety of industries combined with the expertise of our pallet engineering team, we are uniquely positioned to help optimize your facility and meet your individual goals. Start a conversation with us to learn more about how increased pallet performance and more cost-effective packaging can improve your operation.

Pallet Consultants is one of the nation's leading full-service pallet suppliers. We have new, recycled and combo pallets available along with other great services. From pallet retrieval to total pallet management with consistency and reliability, take a look at our products and services. Or, if you have any questions we’d love to spend time reviewing them with you. Start a conversation with us!