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Explained: What Is a Winged Pallet? | Pallet Consultants

Explained: What Is a Winged Pallet? | Pallet Consultants

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Pallet wings are the overhang of deck boards on the pallet's sides. This affects unit load area and interactions with automated machines.

Pallets are made of two basic pieces, stringers or blocks and deck boards. Deck boards are responsible for holding the weight of a pallet and allow pallets to be stacked on top of one another. If you’d like to know more about pallet wings and when they are best used, start a conversation with us. Winged pallets:

  • Have a larger unit load area
  • May have higher weight capacity
  • Have lower rates of deck board cracks and splints
  • Often have different interactions with machines
  • Can be produced in any dimension

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What is a winged pallet?

If a deck board is longer than the pallet is wide, there will be some overhang. This overhang is called a wing. When most pallets are constructed, the deck boards are cut to be flush with the stringers or blocks. If only one face of the pallet has wings, the pallet is called a single-winged pallet. If both the top and the bottom of the pallet has wings, it’s a double-winged pallet. Like many pallet varieties, winged pallets can also be made in a range of pallet dimensions and construction styles, including stringer and block pallets. 


winged palletStacks of winged pallets.


Pallets are made with wings to hold higher weights. With longer deck boards comes more wood, and more wood will be slightly more resistant to stress. Having a pallet with wings also increases the surface area product can be placed on, increasing the unit-load area. The extra overhang in winged pallets also decreases the likelihood that the deck board end will have splits from being fastened to the blocks or stringers.


Winged pallets can also be useful for certain automated systems. These systems may measure the pallet by the overhang or pick up and manipulate the pallet by the wing. If your system measures or uses the pallet wings, you must ensure the overhangs are all the same length to avoid damage or mishandling by the system.


Pallet Consultants can produce winged pallets to your exact specifications, including requirements for use with automated machinery or special applications. We also manufacture many other pallet products and offer customized services. To learn more about our detailed quality control process or pallet delivery within 24 hours, talk to a pallet expert.

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