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How and Why We’re a Zero-Waste Company | Pallet Consultants

By: Pallet Consultants on October 13th, 2020

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How and Why We’re a Zero-Waste Company | Pallet Consultants

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Pallet Consultants is a zero-waste company, meaning we are maximally efficient with all resources and don’t contribute to landfills.

Pallet Consultants has been conscious of our environmental impact since our founding in 1996. To celebrate National Earth Science Week, we’d like to talk about our environmental initiatives and green processes. We’re committed to being a zero-waste organization, where waste is not created and every possible action is done to reduce, reuse or recycle all materials. This means we don’t contribute to landfills, recycle nails and wood, save fuel through efficient asset utilization and much more. To learn about our green commitments and how using a supplier like us can reduce your operation’s carbon emissions, start a conversation with our experts. Here’s the how and why of our green mission:

  • How: Systematic Efficiency
  • Why: Health and Environmental Preservation

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Systematic Efficiency

You can’t be truly efficient without making it your goal from the start. That’s why all of our company processes, from production to distribution and recycling, are created from the ground up with energy and material savings in mind.


Our new lumber comes from sources certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative. The majority of our produced pallets are recycled and are given a new life by our teams. Pallets too damaged for repair are broken and cut down into pieces which are used to repair other pallets. We make combination pallets from both new and recycled wood. And if pallet wood isn’t of high enough quality to be used to repair other pallets, it is ground and made into mulch and biomass. The mulch is used around homes, businesses, and playgrounds. Biomass is wooden pellets used by energy plants to power homes and businesses.


nail recyclingThis magnetic sorter at our Atlanta facility has scrap wood and other material ran through it, where it sorts out metals. Separated nails can be seen on its underside, ready to be recycled.


All of our shipments are made with the most efficient routes, taking advantage of backhaul opportunities and other factors to reduce fuel usage as much as possible. Pallet Consultants also offers commercial recycling programs, allowing us to expand our green impact and collect and recycle plastic wrap, cardboard, wood scraps, and other materials from clients. Our manufacturing facilities also recycle things like nails used in pallet construction. For both our facilities and the operations of our clients, we let nothing to go waste and do not contribute to landfills.


Here are just a few of our annualized green statistics, which get better every year:

  • 5 million pallets recycled
  • 800,000 trees saved from being cut down due to recycling
  • Over 10,000 tons of mulch created from scrap wood, nearly 1 million bags of mulch
  • Over 230,000 pounds of nails recycled, equivalent to 57 F-150 pickup trucks
  • 3 million pounds of cardboard recycled
  • Over 93 million pounds of material recycled, equivalent to more than 5,000 garbage trucks of waste


Health and Environmental Preservation

Being green not only improves our planet and environments, it also reduces negative health effects in our communities. According to the EPA, higher greenhouse emissions can harm human health through:

  • More frequent heatwaves
  • Increased air pollution
  • Diseases and allergens becoming more common

For these reasons and more, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and pollutants can increase the health and safety of people across age and income groups. Pallet Consultants is committed to continually reducing our environmental impact to improve the health of our teams, communities and the well-being of future generations.


mulchTo reduce our waste, we have multiple facilities that turn scrap wood into mulch and color it with high-quality dye on site.


Sustainable actions also reduce negative environmental effects, according to NOAA. In addition to preserving the health of our communities, Pallet Consultants is focused on efficiency and sustainability to ensure our natural resources and climate remain in good condition for generations to come. Through efforts like ours, together we can help protect agriculture and our food supply, access to clean and plentiful water and much more!


Pallet Consultants takes efficiency and recycling seriously. This is not only to reduce costs for our customers, but also to improve the health of all people and the environments in which we live. Our green processes reduce our environmental impact, prevent waste from entering landfills, and make our business more efficient and productive. To learn more about our green mission and how it improves our products and service, start a conversation with our team.

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