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Sell Pallets | Steps to Sell Your Pallets | Pallet Consultants

Sell Pallets | Steps to Sell Your Pallets | Pallet Consultants

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Looking to sell pallets? Read below to find out how.


It is common for pallet users and distribution centers to accumulate a large amount of wooden pallets or plastic pallets throughout the supply chain process and have no space to store them. If you have a large amount of unwanted pallets and are looking to get rid of them Pallet Consultants, the largest pallet company can help you! Whether your pallets are broken beyond repair or just need a minor repair, by following these steps you will be able to get rid of your pallet inventory and receive a payment for the amount of pallets and quality of pallets that are sold. For pallets that are considered to repairable, pallet companies such as Pallet Consultants will purchase them at a fair market price. Depending on your where you are located, the number of pallets you have and the volume at which you accumulate these pallets, Pallet Consultants may even pick up these used pallets from your facility at no charge.


Follow these steps to sell your pallets:

  1. Assess the situation: In other words, how many pallets do you have on hand and how often do you accumulate this amount of pallets? 

  2. Determine if you have truckload quantities: If you have approx. 400-600 pallets or at least 100 large, custom-sized pallets, you have a truckload of pallets. This means that Pallet Consultants will retrieve these pallets for you at little to no cost.

  3. Determine the quality of your pallets: If your pallets can be repaired, Pallet Consultants will purchase these pallets at a fair market price.

  4. Determine the volume: If you accumulate this amount of pallets frequently Pallet Consultants will drop a trailer at your location in which you can store unwanted pallets in until the trailer is full. When the trailer is full just give Pallet Consultants a call and one of our drivers will drive to your location within 24 hours, pick up the trailer full of pallets and leave an empty trailer for you to continue using.  INTERESTED IN LEARNING ABOUT HOW TO PROPERLY LOAD A TRAILER WITH PALLETS SO YOU CAN GET THE MAXIMUM AMOUNT OF PALLETS IN EACH TRUCKLOAD? VISIT OUR BLOG!

  5. Reach out to a Pallet Expert: If you are interested in selling your pallets, reach out to one of our pallet experts today. They will provide you with a detailed quote and pallet retrieval plan that fits your company's needs.



Some sizes of pallets that you can sell to pallet consultants are:


  • 36×36 

  • 42×42 

  • 42×48

  • 48×40

  • 48×42 

  • 48×44

  • 48×48 


Some types of pallets that you can sell to pallet consultants are:


  • Wooden pallets

  • Custom-sized pallets

  • Plastic pallets

  • New wood pallets

  • Recycled wood pallets

  • Metal pallets

  • Block style pallets


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