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Ways to Reduce Pallet Damage

By: Morgan Russell on July 11th, 2018

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Ways to Reduce Pallet Damage

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Across the nation, broken pallets are more common than distribution and manufacturing center management would like to see—in some cases, the damage can cause up to millions of dollars in damages over a short period of time. Day to day handling, abuse, and poor quality all contribute to broken pallets, but none of them are more harmful than forklift damage. Forklifts are the most common source of accidents that befall pallets and are also the number one reason for pallet jack failures. Here are some problems that could be cutting your pallets life short and some solutions:

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1. Your pallets aren’t the right fit!

  • Check your pallet wood grade
  • Have your pallets engineered specifically to fit your product and handle its weight
  • Choose reinforced pallet legs and decks
  • Beveled forklift entrances
  • Extra space between the product and the edge of the pallet means compromising the integrity of the pallet

2. Your forklift operators are improperly trained.

3. Aside from making sure that you’ve trained each of your employees to reduce pallet damage:

  • Have the product flush to the end of the pallet
  • Protect the top lead boards by entering the pallet at an appropriate speed
  • Pallet forks should be horizontally in line with a pallet when lifting
  • Don’t shortfork
  • Spread forklift tines before lifting
  • Lift pallets, don’t push
  • Double check that you are racking a pallet properly
  • Stack pallets evenly

4. Your warehouse is set up poorly.

5. Along with checking your pallets regularly for damage:

  • Improve your warehouse space by widening aisles between pallet racks
  • Paint forklift tines in order to create greater ease for forklift operators

Even after taking all of these problems into consideration, it’s an unfortunate that pallet damage is sometimes unavoidable. This is where Pallet Consultants comes in to make what can be a supply chain nightmare a thing of the past. By enrolling in Onsite Pallet Repair, companies no longer have to worry about something or other because repair comes to you! Here are 5 Benefits of an Onsite Pallet Repair Operation. If you’ve thought about this option and decided to enroll with a pallet company, here are 10 Questions to Ask Your Onsite Pallet Repair Provider. Along with cutting costs by taking care with operations and having onsite repair, how else can you save money with the day-to-day costs of running a company? Check out our information on Pallet Recycling--not only are you saving money by not purchasing new, but you’re also saving around 43.5 million trees. What a re-leaf!


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