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3 Ways Our Recycling Services Can Improve Your Facility | Pallet Consultants

3 Ways Our Recycling Services Can Improve Your Facility | Pallet Consultants

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Excess packaging like cardboard and plastic wrap can build up quickly in manufacturing and distribution centers, creating a cluttered and inefficient environment. Simplify the recycling process with our recycling services.

Manufacturing and distribution centers can build up excess packaging quickly, adding debris around the operation. As cardboard, plastic wrap, wooden scrap and other materials accumulate, valuable space is taken up, making cleaning more difficult and potentially increasing the risk of injury or equipment damage. Additionally, the collection, sorting and baling process of these materials can take precious work hours from other tasks. Pallet Consultants offers recycling built around your operation, both as a standalone service or alongside our other programs like total pallet management.

We can handle a wide variety of facility types, including those needing large-scale recycling operations through the use of our private fleet. When your recycling needs are handled for you, facility personnel don’t need to spend time managing the recycling process, clutter is reduced and the operation becomes more environmentally friendly. For more information on how recycling can be implemented in your facility, start a conversation with us. With our recycling services your facility will:

  1. Reduce Clutter and Improve Safety
  2. Save Time and Effort
  3. Reduce Environmental Impact

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Our Process and Accepted Materials

Like all of our products and services, we customize our recycling to fit your operation's unique needs and circumstance. This means no two facilities will have the same recycling process, but we do offer the same suite of options for every client. We offer:

  • Material pickup and cleaning in areas such as loading docks
  • Material sorting and separation
  • Baling
  • Transport material back to our facility
  • Recyclable material loading
  • Transportation to recycling facilities
  • Find the best price for your material, maximizing value

Pallet Consultants can handle the following materials based on the needs of your facility:

  • Cardboard
  • Plastic
  • Wooden pallets or wood scrap
  • Nails and other metals
  • More - contact us to ask about other materials

1. Reduce Clutter and Improve Safety

Cleanliness is key to warehouse safety as debris can cause injuries, damage equipment like forklifts and harm products. Workers can trip or slip on plastic and cardboard, and other debris can cause forklifts to jolt when rolling over objects, stressing the machines and their carried loads. With Pallet Consultants handling your recycling and cleaning needs, you’ll have a dedicated crew or team member just for your facility. They can be directed and trained as needed, allowing them to not only collect and sort recyclable debris but also be used temporarily for other tasks.

commerical recyclingOrganized facilities clear of all debris make for the safest and most efficient work environments.

Your facility personnel will also no longer need to use the baler or other recycling machines, reducing risk of injuries and complications. Pallet Consultants also carries a five million dollar liability hold harmless insurance policy, completely shielding your facility from the repercussions of any accidents or unfortunate events.


2. Save Time and Effort

Recyclables are constantly being accrued at facilities. This requires one or multiple workers to devote time and energy collecting, baling and moving this material to maintain facility workflow. Managers must also be conscious of the material – where it’s placed, how it's sorted and most importantly how it should be recycled.

This entire process will be handled by our own team members, freeing up your personnel to spend their work hours on more important tasks. Cleaning schedules can be crafted around your unique needs, making the gathering, sorting and shipping of material efficient without impacting your operation. We have trained team members that will save you time by collecting, sorting, baling and transporting your recyclable materials.


3. Reduce Environmental Impact

Consumers are not only becoming more environmentally conscious, many also expect companies to care about the environment as well. For some, recycling materials is a facility chore. However, it can instead be used as a business opportunity. Public relations is more important than ever in our hyper-connected world, and becoming greener is good publicity. Depending on your facility’s state or municipality, there may also be some financial incentives to increasing the operation's recycling rate. Having established environmentally-friendly practices may also make business relationships with other green companies and facilities more attractive in the long term. Pallet Consultants has good relationships with multiple recycling companies across the United States.

MulchAs part of our zero-landfill initiative, all scrap wood is ground into mulch or biomass.

Pallet Consultants offers recycling services for facilities large and small across many different industries. We can match our services to fit your needs, accepting a variety of recyclable materials and offering a suite of process options. Whether you'd just like the occasional pickup of plastic wrap, or would like a dedicated team on premises to handle and optimize all aspects of your recycling program, Pallet Consultants has the solutions you're looking for. Contact our experts to learn more about our recycling services and how they can benefit your operation.

Pallet Consultants has experience solving issues and optimizing operations in hundreds of facilities across the nation. Put that experience to work for you. From pallet auditing and total pallet management to pallet manufacturing and recycling, Pallet Consultants is a full-service pallet provider. We’d be happy to take time reviewing your unique situation and answer any questions you may have. Start a conversation with us!


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