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Top 5 Ways Total Pallet Management Can Simplify Your Supply Chain | Pallet Consultants

Top 5 Ways Total Pallet Management Can Simplify Your Supply Chain | Pallet Consultants

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Total pallet management can do a lot for your facility. Read about the benefits of inventory management, vendor consolidation and more. 

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The Best of Total Pallet Management 

As you can read on our webpage about total pallet management, there’s a lot TPM can do for you. We can easily handle your entire pallet operation, plus a lot more. Here are the top 5 ways TPM can help your facility. 

  1. Inventory Management Done Right

Inventory management is probably the most comprehensive and useful aspect of a total pallet management program. This is where pallet management really shows its worth by handling your inventory for you, allowing you to focus on your operation. 

Your operation is audited, optimized, and run by logistics experts with decades of experience. All you have to do is be confident that your inventory will work the way it should. We provide all the necessary team members, training and equipment.

This is a great way not only to free up your time and optimize your facility, but you also save in the long run. No need to hire extra workers, invest in forklifts or other equipment, or worry about your pallet inventory at all. You can count on us to make it work. 

  1. Consolidate Vendors, and Forget About Going Back and Forth With Multiple Companies

Vendor consolidation isn’t something everyone offering TPM can do, but when it’s done right it can streamline your operations. 

It takes a lot of industry know-how and pallet manufacturing locations to concentrate the pallet needs of each of your locations into a single provider. But why continue going back and forth with multiple companies when a single one can handle everything? Save time and money by making things simpler and more dependable.

Get a servicer that can handle and merge complex supply chains, ensure deliveries and retrievals are prompt, and improve logistics across your many locations. After all, it’s easier to coordinate with one person than several. If you have multiple locations, consolidating your vendors is the single easiest way to simplify your pallet supply chain. 

  1. The Pallets You Need, When You Need Them

When you have a total pallet management servicer, they know the ins and outs of your facility. This includes how many pallets you’ll need in a day, week or month, what types of pallets you’ll use and when exactly you’ll need those shipments. 

This ensures your supply chain and operation is getting the pallets it needs flawlessly – on time and with no surprises. When your pallet provider and servicer is connected to you so closely, they may know more about your pallet inventory needs than you do. 

You’ll never have to worry about ordering pallets, checking their quality, or even using your staff to unload the pallet delivery. And with Pallet Consultants, the pallets will always exceed your specifications and expectations.


Total Pallet Management | Pallet Consultants

  1. Pallet Retrieval in a Way That Works for You

If you need to free up warehouse space, a truck will be sent out to retrieve the excess. Or, a drop trailer can be left so the pallets can be loaded as needed to be picked up later. All wood scraps and unusable pallets will also be taken off site, keeping your facility as clean and organized as possible.

When someone is your total pallet manager, you’re the beginning and end of their attention and goals. They’ll know how many pallets you have that need to be picked up, what their quality is, and how many will need to be repaired. They do all the loading, transportation, and repairs. You get a flawless pallet retrieval experience and can be confident the only pallets picked up are those that need repairs.


Total Pallet Management | Pallet Consultants

  1. Pallet Sorting at Its Most Convenient

Sorting used pallets for quality is common, but having the option to do it on and off-site isn’t. With the right TPM servicer, an on-site pallet repair station can be set up and also have sorting done there. You get repair and sorting at the same time, or have it done off-site and get credit based on pallet quality.

Especially with on-site repair, you turn your facility into a closed-loop pallet ecosystem. New pallets come in, they’re used to their most efficient potential, the ones needing repairs are sorted out and repaired in-house, then go right back to moving your product. Even with off-site repair you’re still optimizing your pallet supply chain. 

Since your TPM provider is working with you so closely, there’s a smaller chance of miscounts and no guesses when it comes to pick up and what quality your pallets are. The provider can also give advice on how to keep your pallets in better condition if they notice types of damage common to your pallets.

As the leading provider of pallets and pallet services Nationwide, Pallet Consultants prides itself on not only the quality of our product and the value we bring to our customers, but also our focus on customer service and dependability. If you’re interested in what we can do for you with our total pallet management, check out our webpage. We also have a range of products and services. 

If you have any questions, we’d be happy to take time reviewing them with you. Start a conversation with us!