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The Final Stages of Pallet Recycling | Pallet Consultants

The Final Stages of Pallet Recycling | Pallet Consultants

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Even pallets that can’t be repaired anymore, still have a lot of life in them. To get the most out of them, pallets are reused in many things like mulch services.

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How does a pallet get to be used for mulch services?

Pallets are the workhorses of the transportation and delivery industry. Although they are widely repaired and recycled, there comes a time when a pallet can’t be fixed while still carry loads safely.

This is when a pallet is cut to pieces and used for parts, helping extend the lifetime of other pallets. Good pieces are used for stringer repairs, deck boards are resized or used as replacements, and the wood is used in remanufacturing as much as possible.

But sometimes wood is too worn or damaged for reuse, so it’s turned into mulch and other products to cut down on waste. 

Recycled Pallets | Pallet Consultants

Pallet Consultants offers services like this as part of our commitment to being eco-friendly and decreasing our carbon emissions. If you want more information on our recycling efforts and products, read on or start a conversation with us.

Reduce, Reuse, and Mulch

Reused and recycled pallets are among the most environmentally friendly commodities in widespread use. From their beginnings as renewable trees to the money and carbon savings that come from remanufactured pallets, the mulch made from them is not only useful but environmentally conscious as well. 

Mulching is the grinding or shredding of wood into chips of different sizes depending on the use. It has a lot of applications, not just around the home but also for businesses and municipalities. 


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The Best Mulch Is Made with the Best Mulcher

Our mulch is made with one of the best machines on the market, the Rotochopper. This grinding machine is one of the most powerful and efficient available, and this is the secret behind our mulch offerings. When chip consistency and quality are key, the Rotochopper guarantees the size of mulch we want to produce and will filter out pieces and sizes we don’t want. 

The Rotochopper can even dye mulch as it produces it, creating an even and pleasant color throughout the wood chips. Using this machine, we can create mulch in a variety of colors.


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What can mulch be used for?

Most people are familiar with mulch for gardening and lawn use. Not only is mulch used to compliment flower beds and other greenery, but it can be used to contrast nicely with house features such as paint color.

Whether you’re a homeowner or part of a landscaping and lawn care service, you know mulch can make storefronts and businesses look more cared for and professional. Parks look nicer with mulch, and cities and towns use it to improve looks. 

Mulch can also be used in playgrounds, if it meets the right requirements. For example, our mulch is certified ASTM and ADA and also carries the IPEMA certification making it the highest achieving certified material on the market. 


Playground Mulch | Pallet Consultants


Playground mulch, ours included, is engineered to be springy and cushion impacts. This is designed so that children don’t hit the ground as hard when tripping or falling off playground equipment. 

Also useful in churches and parks children frequent, playground mulch is very consistent in size and shape to have the most comfortable and safest experience while being on and around it.


Benefits of Mulch

Mulch can be much more than some nice curb appeal around your home and commercial property. Especially in hotter climates, dry soil can be a concern for landscape companies and homeowners alike. Mulching can help with this problem because it holds onto moisture and provides cover for the soil. Mulch absorbs water and holds onto it for longer than normal dirt or plants, letting it release that moisture over time into your soil. Also, since it covers soil, it’s also the one being heated by the sun. The mulch acts as a barrier between your soil and the elements. Not only does mulch help prevent the drying of plant roots and soil, it also fights against erosion and runoff. One heavy rain can show you how much dirt and silt can be washed away or moved around, but mulching again creates a barrier and anchors whatever it covers.  Not only does mulch also prevent weeds it also protects during the winter. Since mulch will block the sun, it will cut down on weeds since many will not be able to get the light they need after sprouting from the ground. Mulch will also insulate your soil and plants during cold snaps while keeping them better in place through cycles of freezing and thawing. Finally, mulching can also release nutrients into your property. Mulch is wood, after all. And when it breaks down it will release nutrients and energy into the ground around it, giving your lawn, trees, and plants a boost.


Different Kinds of Mulch

Mulch comes in all different sizes, shapes, and kinds. Although the variety is as large as there are species of wood, we’ll talk about some of the more common types of mulch.

Organic mulch is that which is made from real wood or bark. There are some popular synthetic mulches, but those are made from plastic or fabric and do not degrade. 

Wood chip mulch is the kind Pallet Consultants makes, and comes from processed lumber. It is very economical and is great for covering larger areas, especially at parks or businesses.

Bark mulch is, not surprisingly, made from the bark of trees. It can come in hardwood or softwood varieties depending on the tree it’s made from. This bark can be colored, but can usually take a long time to break down and doesn’t mix into the soil well.

Cedar mulch is made from different kinds of Cedar trees. This mulch at first helps repel bugs and can help your plants break down nutrients better. But different cedar species will be alkaline or acidic, and part of good property management would be making sure this pH matches that of your plants.



Sometimes wood isn’t good enough to be used as mulch either, and when that happens it’s turned into biomass. Biomass is pressed chips or pellets made from wood scraps.


Biomass | Pallet Consultants


Pallet Consultants makes this too, and we ship it to energy plants to help make the electricity that powers home and businesses. This way we minimize our waste and environmental impact. 

Mulch services are just a slice of what Pallet Consultants does in our mission to be environmentally friendly and create sustainable business practices. As service professionals, it’s our job to be forward-thinking and our impact on the planet is a big part of that. If you’d like more information or a free estimate, we’d love to talk to you about our efforts and products. Start a conversation with us!