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Take Back Your Lunch Break with Total Pallet Managment

By: Morgan Russell on June 29th, 2018

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Take Back Your Lunch Break with Total Pallet Managment

Pallet Management

Pallet Consultants enables customers to take their lunch break back by designing a Total Pallet Management program specifically to meet their needs and manage their pallet inventory.


Today there is a rising trend in lunch breaks becoming few and far between, and on June 15th, workers all across North America were challenged to take back their lunch break.


Pallet Consultants is on a mission to give our customers time to take back their lunch break. Why?—Over a three year study by Gallup showed that only one in three employees are engaged at work. Engagement being a study of productivity, happiness, and job satisfaction. A follow-up 2017 study by Tork, an Essity brand, states: employees who take lunch breaks that allow them to step away from their desk see a higher rate of efficiency at work and are more likely to be satisfied with that work. The survey shows that a vast majority of prospective employees consider their ability to take a lunch break as critical when accepting a new job. However, the average lunch break is less than 30-minutes and, for many North Americans, lunch is eaten in front of a computer or in between one task and the next.

Taking the time out of the day to enjoy lunch, socialization, and fresh air has the ability improve employee morale, workplace satisfaction, and productivity across the States.

Pallet Consultants wants you to not only #TakeBackLunch, but we also want you to do so knowing that some of the tasks keeping you from your lunch break are well taken care of by someone you trust. Some of the things Pallet Consultants has tracked is the amount of time it takes to load trailers, unload trailers and sort out damaged pallets. These tasks take up our customers time and it is an easy thing for Pallet Consultants to take care of for you. Each and every day, but especially every June 15th we want you to take back you lunch break by enrolling in Total Pallet Management. Let us worry about the pallets, it's what we do!


Are you getting the benefits from taking your lunch break? Take this survey to see how you stack up. Click Here to Take the Survey!


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About Morgan Russell

Morgan Russell is a participant in our 2018 Summer Internship program.