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Should You Get a Pallet Quality Audit? | Pallet Consultants

Should You Get a Pallet Quality Audit? | Pallet Consultants

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A pallet quality audit reviews your pallet inventory in order to improve performance and lifespan while lowering failure rates.

Pallet audits provide a detailed look into different aspects of your pallet inventory and how it’s utilized and designed. One of these types of audits is a pallet quality audit, which focuses on ways to maximize your pallet performance and lifespan while reducing failure rate. Pallet dimensions, wood species, screw and nail types, lumber thickness and many other design features are potential ways to improve pallet quality and performance.

Through industry-leading software, prior experience and careful review, our pallet experts can find multiple ways to enhance your current pallet designs. Over time, changes in your products, packaging, equipment or suppliers can mean your pallets are no longer ideal for your operation. A pallet quality audit is available as a standalone service or as a package that includes pallet quantity, pallet process and pallet design audits. For examples of how pallet quality audits have benefitted our clients, talk to our team of pallet experts.

Pallet quality audits can enhance:

  • Pallet performance
  • Failure rates
  • Pallet lifespan
  • Manufacturing practices

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Pallet Performance

Although pallets seem relatively simple at first glance, the details of their design can have large effects on weight capacity and performance. Every part of a pallet combines to either make it great for your application, or one that is best suited for a different use case.

The following pallet components are reviewed in a pallet quality audit to maximize performance:

  • Pallet dimensions
  • Wood species
  • Lumber thickness
  • Deckboard arrangement and thickness
  • Style and number of fasteners (screws or nails)
  • Pallet type (stringer/block)
  • Product weight distribution

Once these design elements are compared against your products and needs, your pallet KPIs can be met. Our pallet experts have experience in a variety of industries marrying pallet weight capacity and performance to facility requirements. Improvements in pallet performance encompass both outright failure, such as pallets snapping or breaking during handling, and stress that can decrease pallet life.


Failure Rates

Pallets breaking not only put the health of facility personnel at risk, they can also damage products and equipment. High failure rates are never acceptable, and even lower rates of breakage can add up to impact your bottom line. With advanced software and decades of pallet industry experience, our teams can make even occasional failure a thing of the past.

broken palletsBroken pallets are both dangerous and costly, lowering productivity and increasing expenses.

Whether your inventory consists of one pallet type or many, they can all be adjusted to best fit the stresses and weight of specific products or applications. Pallet failure is often the result of stressed pallets that were not built to exceed requirements. As they’re used, pallets that are at their performance limits can bend and crack or have fasteners loosen, exposing the pallet to even more stress and increasing the likelihood of sudden failure. A pallet quality audit ensures pallets are produced with features or designs that increase performance capabilities and eliminate failures.


Pallet Lifespan

Some manufacturing and distribution facilities prefer pallets that can be reused multiple times. This allows costs to be reduced through needing to purchase fewer pallets while simultaneously making facilities more environmentally friendly with reduced carbon emissions. With a pallet quality audit, your inventory can be altered to last longer in your application and require fewer and less expensive repairs. Pallets last longer when they have an excess of weight capacity and are built to handle the weight distribution of your products. Making sturdier pallets reduces flexing and stress, lowering the risk of failure and damage.

damaged palletAs illustrated by the warped lead board, this pallet has been stressed and is more likely to fail.


Manufacturing Practices

Using multiple pallet suppliers is common for facilities, especially high-volume ones. While this can have many benefits, it can also sometimes result in pallet quality being inconsistent between the many manufacturers and brokers an operation might use. Pallet quality audits can be especially useful for these high-volume facilities because the pallets supplied by individual providers can be reviewed for improvements both in their design and manufacturing process.

Pallet Consultants has assisted clients with inconsistent pallet inventory quality. Some manufacturers may loosen quality control standards over time, or brokers may be forced to change suppliers and end up becoming disconnected from the end product. Regardless of cause, these pallet inventories can be investigated and new quality and design requirements can be suggested to ensure the needs of the operation are always met.


Pallet Consultants has provided pallet quality audits to a number of facilities around the country and has helped slash pallet failure rates, improve overall pallet performance and enhance pallet lifespan. This service has also been used to make the pallet inventories of higher throughput facilities more consistent despite the multitude of suppliers. Contact us to learn more about how your operation can benefit from a pallet quality audit.

Whether you need to buy pallets, sell pallets or have us handle your entire inventory for you, Pallet Consultants has the solutions to optimize your facility anywhere in the United States. We service clients nationally with a focus on customer service, dependability and speed and have locations near you. Start a conversation with us, and see how we can improve your supply chain and make your pallet headaches go away.