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Recycled Pallets | Pallet Consultants

By: Pallet Consultants on October 31st, 2019

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Recycled Pallets | Pallet Consultants

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We produce recycled pallets in high volumes and in many grades, allowing you to choose the quality and quantity of pallets for your specific facility needs.

Recycled Pallets are an environmentally-friendly alternative to new pallets while still offering guaranteed performance. They’re made from used pallets that for one reason or another needed to be repaired. Repairs may just be for a broken pallet deck, or the recycled pallet could be crafted from a pallet with irreparable stringer damage.

With savings exceeding 60% over new manufactured pallets in some cases, recycled pallets come in a range of quality grades and offer most of the benefits of new pallets. For more information comparing recycled pallets with new ones, check out this blog post. To see what recycled pallets are right for you, start a conversation with us.


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Value and Performance

Recycled pallets aren’t made to the same exacting dimensions as our new pallets since they’re produced from the good parts of other used pallets, but they’re still well-built and with a guaranteed weight capacity. Our pallet recycling processes are highly refined and ensure a consistent and dependable product. Additionally, because of our efficient processing we have short lead times and are able to produce high-volume shipments of any grade of recycled pallet on short notice.

Recycled Pallet Grades

Recycled pallets can vary in quality which is why Pallet Consultants has eight grades of recycled pallets. These grades are based on visual appeal and the amount or type of damage a pallet has had repaired, ranging from pallets that have only been used once or twice to pallets that have had multiple stringer repairs.



With our accurate and consistent pallet grading system, you can be confident that your facility will get the exact type of pallet and performance you need while getting cost savings. Recycled pallets are available in variety of pallet dimensions although 48 x 40 GMA is most common. Start a conversation with us, and we’ll spend time reviewing your performance needs and what recycled pallets would work the best in your unique situation.

If you’re interested in recycled pallets, Pallet Consultants is your full service pallet supplier! We also offer services like unit load consultation and total pallet management for all of your pallet and supply chain needs. Start a conversation with us and see what we can do for you!