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Product Feature: Mulch and Biomass | Pallet Consultants

By: Pallet Consultants on November 10th, 2020

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Product Feature: Mulch and Biomass | Pallet Consultants

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We produce quality mulch and biomass from wood that can’t be used in pallets anymore.

The hundreds of millions of pallets used every day in the United States and around the world are re-used and repaired constantly. However, there comes a time when the wood used in a pallet cannot be repaired or used again and must be thrown away or recycled. Pallet Consultants is a zero-waste company with a comprehensive recycling program that prevents waste from entering landfills. To avoid throwing away lumber, we instead turn it into quality mulch available in a variety of colors, or produce biomass which is used in special energy plants. Pallet Consultants produces mulch and biomass as part of our commitment to being ecologically friendly and decrease our carbon emissions. If you want more information on our recycling efforts and how we can help your facility go green, start a conversation with us.


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Reused and recycled pallets are among the most environmentally friendly commodities in widespread use. As part of our zero-waste landfill initiative, Pallet Consultants has several programs aimed at reducing or recycling all of the materials we use. Lumber is a renewable resource and carbon emissions are saved through pallet recycling. Mulching, or the grinding or shredding of wood into chips of different sizes, is one of the final ways pallet wood can be reused and prevented from entering landfills. Our mulch is consistently sized and can be colored for use around homes, businesses, playgrounds and municipalities.


Our mulch is made with one of the best machines on the market, the Rotochopper. This grinding machine is one of the most powerful and efficient available, and this is the secret behind our mulch offerings. When chip consistency and quality are key, the Rotochopper guarantees the size of mulch we want to produce and will filter out undesirable pieces and sizes. The Rotochopper can even dye mulch as it produces it, creating an even coloring throughout the wood chips. Using this machine we can create mulch in a many different colors including brown, black and red.


mulch rotochopper

This Rotochopper produces mulch at our Atlanta facility with dismantled pallet material.


Besides being visually appealing, mulch can have many benefits around your home or business. Mulch can help:

  • Improve the aesthetic appeal of landscaping
  • Prevent soil from drying out by covering the dirt and holding onto moisture while releasing it slowly
  • Prevents erosion by providing a barrier between soil and rain
  • Reduces the amount of weeds that grow under it
  • Keep plants and ground insulted in cold weather
  • Releases nutrients as it decays


Mulch is best known for gardening and lawn use, and can not only improve the look of landscaping around homes, businesses and parks but can also act as cushioning for playgrounds. Our mulch meets ASTM and ADA requirements, and also carries the IPEMA certification making it the highest achieving certified material on the market

playground mulch

Our mulch is great for a variety of applications, including use in playgrounds.


Playground mulch, ours included, is engineered to be springy and cushion impacts. This is designed so that children don’t hit the ground as hard when tripping or falling off playground equipment. Also useful in churches and parks children frequent, our playground mulch is designed to be consistent in size and shape so it’s as safe, comfortable and good-looking as possible



Because we have high standards for mulch, there is a certain amount of wood that isn’t the right quality to be mulched. This is where biomass is created created, where the lower quality wood is turned into small pellets or pressed chips. These wooden pellets are then given to co-generation energy plants so it can be used to power homes and businesses.



Wooden biomass is typically used to generate power in specialized energy plants.


Our mulch and biomass products and programs are help reduce our carbon footprint while also providing our clients with quality mulch products and power plants with renewable fuel. These services are a small part of our commitment to going green and being environmentally conscious, and we also offer consultation for others that would like to go green as well. To find out more about our mulching and biomass production, our green mission or how we can help your operation become more environmentally friendly start a conversation with us.

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