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The Benefits of Pallet Sort and Repair | Pallet Consultants

By: Pallet Consultants on October 31st, 2019

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The Benefits of Pallet Sort and Repair | Pallet Consultants

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Whether located on or off-site, pallet sort and repair services will comb through your used pallets and repair those that have been damaged. This reduces turnaround time for damaged pallets and pairs well with a total pallet management program.

Pallets are the workhorses of transportation and commerce, and as such receive a lot of wear and tear. To keep a pallet inventory maintained without a constant stream of new pallets, pallets must be inspected after each use and some will need repairs. This process can be a drain on team time and energy if done in-house, which is why many facilities outsource their pallet sort and repair. To learn more about how a pallet sort and repair program can work in your facility or be used with a total pallet management service, start a conversation with us.

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Repair Made Convenient

Sorting through piles of used pallets for inspection and repair is a time-consuming task, especially in high-volume facilities. Having a dedicated outside team performing this vital pallet inventory maintenance service can improve a team’s efficiency by allowing them to focus on more important matters like increasing throughput.

Whether on-site or off, you have options on how you want the service to work around your operation. Sort and repair service is great for both non-standard and standard pallet sizes and is built around how your facility functions to ensure there are no changes that negatively affect your efficiency. On-site repairs can be done in a space that does not interfere with operational tasks, and pallet pickups and deliveries for off-site repair can be done at times most convenient for you.

On and Off-Site

If there is enough room on facility premises, a pallet repair station can be installed and operated by trained pallet repairmen. This drastically cuts down transportation time and costs, reducing turnaround time on pallet repairs while giving you oversight of the sort and repair process. This also means your operation will always have enough pallets on hand since there’s no waiting for pallet deliveries. Unrepairable pallets can be purchased from your facility, taken to another location and recycled. Watch this video on how on-site repair works:

If off-site repair is better for your situation, consistent pick-up schedules are made and all used pallets are taken off site at regular intervals. This frees up additional space in warehouse locations, allowing other products or tasks to use that space instead. The pallets are sorted at the pallet company’s facility, repairs are made and then completed pallets are delivered back to the original facility for reuse. Pallets in unrepairable condition will be recycled and a credit or payment will be made for their value. Wooden pallet sort and repair also pairs well with a pallet recycling program since they are closely related functions.

Pallet Consultants has been providing on and off-site pallet sort and repair services for decades. Especially productive in high-volume facilities, our sort and repair program is one of the best ways to reduce turnaround time on used pallets while increasing the quality of those repaired pallets. Often paired with a total pallet management program for a completely hassle-free pallet experience, Pallet Consultants’ sort and repair service increases the efficiency and efficacy of your pallet inventory. Start a conversation with us to learn how your warehouse can be improved through a pallet sort and repair program.

Whether you need to buy pallets, sell pallets, or have us handle your entire inventory for you, Pallet Consultants has the solutions to optimize your facility anywhere in the United States. As one of the leading pallet suppliers in the nation, we service clients nationally with a focus on customer service, dependability and speed. Start a conversation with us, and see how we can improve your supply chain and make your pallet headaches go away.