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Pallet Engineering is Important: Here

Pallet Engineering is Important: Here's Why! | Pallet Consultants

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You may not think about it a lot, but most things in your life are moved on pallets. From the desk you sit at, to the groceries in your fridge, to the couch you sit on and even the parts in your car, our world is transported on pallets every day. Pallets transport our world, and with pallet engineering you can revolutionize and optimize your operations pallet usage. 



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Pallet Engineering is Much More Than Pallet Design

At Pallet Consultants, we do much more than just engineer pallets to your exact needs. The pallet as merely a part of the service we provide. Between our experienced engineers and precise software, we consider everything needed for your product and supply chain.


Our Engineers

For over 20 years Pallet Consultants has provided top-notch engineering consultation. Our engineers with take time to review your exact needs for the products you’ll be shipping and make sure you have what’s best for you.

Maybe a different pallet size would be more efficient with cost or total volume, or maybe a pallet of a different style would make more sense in your facility. We can also review how your products are stacked on pallets, and can find ways to make sure the way you’re shipping or storing product is the most cost effective.

These might seem like small details, but over time they can add up to be a big game changer in your shipping and delivery operation. This is especially true when our knowledgeable personnel use our great software to maximize the information we use and the service you receive.


Our Software

Pallet Consultants uses the industry-leading Pallet Design System (PDS) software, and our pallets meet industry standards set by the National Wooden Pallet and Container Association.

This software has been around for over 30 years in the pallet industry and has many features that helps our engineers perform their best. Not only can we design custom pallets or review dimensions and weight with you in great detail, it also allows us to look at all options for your wood pallets.

There are dozens of wood species available in the PDS, which include all species in North and South America, Europe, and now some African varieties. The program will even give us the maximum load weight for those species. We can also use the program to analyze the durability and life cycle of the wood, so there aren’t any surprises down the road. 

Information like what product will be on the pallet, how the weight is distributed, and how the pallet might interact with other equipment is taken in account. We can even input whether the wood used in the pallet is new or recycled, and the type and number of nails or screws used.

And to make communication between our teams and you as smooth as possible is the new integration with LoadSync™, which allows for quick and exact communication directly around design schematics. This way nothing is lost between emails and phone calls, making sure what you want is what you get.


The Big Picture

Although we obsess over details, we don’t only look at things on a micro scale with your pallets. Our engineers also work on the macro level. They have the ability to perform a pallet audit, where your entire inventory and management system is reviewed. 

With our live documentation and process data, we spot areas that can be optimized. This can shorten your turn-around time and tighten your supply chain.




Between making sure you have pallets and systems that best fit the needs of your operation to taking a scientific approach to your inventory management, there are many ways our engineers can improve or completely handle your pallet needs.

We can help with every stage of your pallet consideration and inventory management stage, or even do it all for you with our total pallet management.

If you have any questions, we’d be happy to take time going over them with you. Start a conversation with us!



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