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Reduce Risk of COVID-19 Supply Chain Disruptions by Using a National Pallet Company | Pallet Consultants

By: Pallet Consultants on March 11th, 2020

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Reduce Risk of COVID-19 Supply Chain Disruptions by Using a National Pallet Company | Pallet Consultants

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COVID-19 can leave you without pallets if your single-location supplier has to stop production. We’re taking steps to ensure our products and services maintain a high level of service in any situation.

The spread of of COVID-19, also called Coronavirus, is rattling markets and has potentially large negative logistic and financial effects. This is especially true for those manufacturing and distribution centers that use single-location pallet companies for their pallet supply. Suppliers like this are more likely to be unable to produce, deliver and pickup pallets if even one of their team members tests positive for the virus. Without pallets, shipments can’t be made, potentially costing a high-volume operation hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenue per day. Pallet Consultants is taking extra steps and creating contingency plans to ensure your operation has pallets regardless of the disruptive effects of COVID-19. For more information on how we can ensure you have a continuous supply of pallets, start a conversation with us. Pallet Consultants will keep your facilities operational with a reliable pallet supply through:

  • Readily Available Inventory
  • Rapid Pallet Inventory and Asset Reallocation
  • National Network of Affiliates

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Readily Available Inventory

Pallet Consultants has a network of facilities across several states, a large private fleet and an array of carefully-vetted affiliates. By leveraging these assets, we will be able to maintain our delivery and production schedules even if one or more of our facilities must temporarily stop work. If this situation were to occur, orders from those facilities can be deferred to another one of our branches or partners and client expectations will still be met without issue.

Pallet suppliers without the resources and network strength of a national pallet provider may be unable to operate if illness appears in their warehouse. Between quarantine measures and pressure on potentially infected individuals to stay home, entire businesses or branches may suddenly close. The speed in which the situation can change means it's critical to have a pallet supplier in place that can not only handle your current pallet needs, but also guarantee service will remain uninterrupted even in the case of a local outbreak. Depending on smaller suppliers with few locations puts your entire operation at risk, especially considering the possibility that the United States will likely be dealing with Coronavirus for several months.

Rapid Pallet Inventory and Asset Reallocation

Our private fleet and grid of facilities mean pallets, equipment and team members can be quickly mobilized and reallocated if there is a need for increased production in a warehouse or if one of our locations has to temporarily close. Pallet Consultants already keeps spare pallets on hand for many clients, but we have the capacity to rapidly move extra pallet inventories to facilities and clients that need them most and away from locations that may be unable to utilize those assets.

The situation throughout the country can be different between regions and even individual towns, with outbreaks quickly changing those business and logistics environments. Mitigate risk by looking to more capable and flexible pallet suppliers that can utilize a diverse skill and tool set to guarantee a high-quality pallet supply that's always on time. 

National Network of Affiliates

Not only does Pallet Consultants have several facilities with highly-trained teams, we also have a network of rigorously-vetted affiliates around the country that can support you and your pallet needs wherever you're located. We have chosen partners that have proven themselves competent and reliable, and we're confident they can be trusted in this trying time. Pallet Consultants has taken the effort to understand each affiliate's strengths, allowing us to maximize their utility even in a worst-case scenario. Rest easy with our pallet know-how and national resources.

Pallet Consultants is committed to keeping your pallet service of the same quality and timeliness you've come to expect from us with no interruptions from Coronavirus. Between our readily available inventory, asset reallocation ability and national affiliate network, your pallet services will remain unchanged. Contact us if you have more questions on what we’re doing to protect your service.

Whether you need to buy pallets, sell pallets, or have us handle your entire inventory for you, Pallet Consultants has the solutions to optimize your facility anywhere in the United States. We service clients nationally with a focus on customer service, dependability and speed. Start a conversation with us to see how we can improve your supply chain and make your pallet headaches go away.

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