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Optimize Your Pallet Load Capacity | Number of Pallets in a Truckload | Pallet Consultants

Optimize Your Pallet Load Capacity | Number of Pallets in a Truckload | Pallet Consultants

How many pallets fit in a truckload depends, but can be optimized with some training. Read on to find out how to reduce the total freight cost per pallet.



Pallet Load Capacity: It’s About the Stacks

A standard truckload of pallets is about 560 pallets. There’s a lot that can influence this, from truck size and type to pallet size and even board thickness. For the purposes of this post, we’ll make some assumptions to simplify the math and the lessons you’ll be taking from this.

Let’s begin by assuming we’re using GMA pallets in the 48 x 40 size, and are loading them onto a 53-foot trailer. When cubing out the trailer as it’s also called, you have a few different options regarding how to orient pallets when loading to reduce freight cost. 


Traditional Method

This is the easiest way to load a truck. The pallets are loaded into trailer facing forward in stacks of 20. With 13 stacks of 20 pallets side by side, a normal trailer can hold 520 pallets. This is because 26 stacks in each row x 20 pallets in each stack gives a total of 520. 


Single-Pinwheel Method

With this method you get significantly more optimized loading. This is called the single-pinwheel because instead of two rows of pallets facing forward, one row is loaded facing sideways. To do this, you do need at least half the load to be 4-sided pallets, however.

In this instance there will be a total of 28 stacks of pallets that can be fit into a trailer, with each stack measuring 22 pallets high. 28 stacks x 22 pallets per stack = 616 pallets.


Double-Pinwheel Method

The double-pinwheel insures you fully optimize your load. This method calls for all pallets to be loaded sideways, allowing you to have 30 stacks each with 22 pallets. 30 stacks x 22 pallets per stack = 660 pallets. This is as far as you can optimize for a traditional 53-foot enclosed trailer with standard 48 x 40 GMA pallets. 


Flatbed Trailer

To really get the most out of every pallet shipment you make, you’ll have to get a flatbed with a custom drop deck. A 53-foot trailer of this design can fit up to 756 pallets. Approximately 36 stacks x 21 pallets per stack = 756.


Pallet Consultants uses the double-pinwheel method of stacking pallets most often to optimize our load capacity. We are a leading pallet manufacturer in the United States  and can help with any pallet need or issue.


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