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New Wooden Pallets | Pallet Consultants

By: Pallet Consultants on October 23rd, 2019

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New Wooden Pallets | Pallet Consultants

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Pallet Consultants produces high-quality new wooden pallets in large volumes and to exact dimensions.

There are approximately half a billion new pallets produced each year, and Pallet Consultants makes some of the best new wooden pallets. Founded in 1996, we have over 20 years of experience making new pallets in every type of construction and size, from standard 48 x 40 GMA pallets to drum pallets and anything in-between. Start a conversation with us to see what our high-quality new pallets in exacting dimensions can do for your facility, or read this blog post to see how they compare to recycled pallets.


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Experience and Design

Pallet Consultants produces quality new wooden pallets in large quantities in both standard and non-standard sizes. Due to our well-trained construction teams and automation implementations, our wooden pallets are also guaranteed to be the exact size your facility needs. While 48 x 40 GMA pallets are one of our most popular products, we also create specialty and custom pallets. We service a wide variety of industries, from agriculture to pharmaceuticals, and our new pallets always are of the highest quality.

Our experienced pallet engineering teams use the industry-leading Pallet Design System© (PDS), which allows us to methodically create pallet designs for any use case. The PDS software also has information on many tree species and their weight capacity, including that lumber’s expected lifespan. Pallet Consultants will help you choose the best pallet size and type for your unique situation. We take the guess work and wiggle room out of pallet design and production.

Guaranteed Performance

Between the quality of our lumber, the attention to detail given to our products and the expertise of our manufacturing teams our new wooden pallets are exceptionally consistent in size and performance. We understand pallets are an important commodity, and pallet failures can at best reduce facility throughput and at worse cause injury or product damage. We’re trusted by over 2,000 companies because of our quality and consistency.

To see what our new wooden pallets can offer your operation, start a conversation with us. We produce large quantities of new wooden pallets daily in addition to our recycled, custom and specialty pallet manufacturing. As one of the leading pallet suppliers committed to our clients, we go above and beyond for our business relationships. See what pallet expertise and dedicated customer service can do for your network of facilities.

Pallet Consultants is an experienced pallet and logistics consultation company with over 20 years of experience in the industry. We’ve optimized hundreds of facilities across the nation and have provided quality pallet products and services to many more operations.