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New Pallets vs. Recycled Pallets: A Helpful Guide | Pallet Consultants

New Pallets vs. Recycled Pallets: A Helpful Guide | Pallet Consultants

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With quality pallets from Pallet Consultants, it's hard to go wrong. You have the choice of both new and recycled pallets, which pallet type fits your operations needs best? 


Your operational needs are diverse, but so are pallet designs from Pallet Consultants. With both new and recycled pallets produced by us, we can fit your exact specification. But with many options, it might be hard to tell: Are new or recycled pallets best for you?


We produce new pallets in all sizes, including custom dimensions. With both good looks and quality construction, new pallets are sure to fit your every shipping need. That's why we're trusted by companies like Walgreens, Home Depot and Costco. 


These pallets have more exact dimensions than recycled ones and are more consistent in quality and performance. The pallets are also engineered exactly for what you need and we can even keep an inventory of them at one of our locations for you so they will always be available.

From 48" x 40" GMA pallets to large size pallets and everything in between, Pallet Consultants has all of your wood pallet needs covered. 


Using the industry-leading Pallet Design System (PDS) design software we are able to meet your custom specifications, our pallets meet industry standards set by the National Wooden Pallet and Container Association


Our engineers are trained in packaging and unit load design, making sure our pallets are the best they can be for the job you need. We know the maximum load weight for different wood species, the most cost-effective size pallet for your product, as well as analyze durability and life cycle of the wood.


Although our new pallets are great, our recycled ones are no slouch! Recycled pallets are sure to fit your needs just as well as new ones, but can give you over 60% savings. 


There are many advantages to recycled pallets besides them keeping your wallet a little heavier. Buying pallets using recycled materials will reduce costs.


If your company - or customers - are environmentally conscious, recycled pallets are a great way to go green. Recycled pallets mean new trees don't need to be cut down and carbon emissions are reduced.


Not only are they structurally proven to perform as designed, they also have shorter lead times. This allows for a tighter supply chain without worrying about your products being damaged on broken pallets.


If you're worried about possible difference in quality of our recycled pallets, don't be! Pallet Consultants offers grades for all of our recycled pallets, so you know exactly the type you'll be getting. We rate our recycled pallets into 8 different grades so there's no surprises when you get them. 


From Grade "A" "00" pallets typically made from mixed hardwood or pine with no stringer repairs whatsoever to Grade "B" pallets with multiple stringer repairs Pallet Consultants has recycled pallets for every situation.


Speaking of having pallets for every situation, Pallet Consultants also offers on site pallet repair. We can set up a pallet repair station on premises to ensure you always have quality pallets without needing to ship out broken ones and wait for repairs.


No matter your business needs or shipping situation, Pallet Consultants has you covered. Whether it's new pallets in exacting sizes for high volume orders, or recycled pallets in truckload quantities that help the environment while still being safe for your products, Pallet Consultants can meet your every need. 


Start a conversation with us at and experience our great customer service and diversified products. We'll be happy to help you with anything we can.