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Pallet Consultants Website Named One of the Best in the Industry | Pallet Consultants

By: Pallet Consultants on January 20th, 2020

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Pallet Consultants Website Named One of the Best in the Industry | Pallet Consultants

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After an extensive study of several dozen pallet websites, Pallet Enterprise named Pallet Consultants as having one of the most informative and easy-to-use websites in the industry.

Our website was named as one of the Top Five Pallet Company Websites for 2019 by Pallet Enterprise after they evaluated over 40 sites belonging to pallet manufacturers, recyclers and brokers. We’re delighted and proud to receive the honor and are looking forward to making our site even better in 2020. Feel free to look at some of our previous blog posts or subscribe to keep up with the latest news and information.

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Pallet Enterprise is one of the leading pallet and sawmill publications in the United States and has been in circulation for over 30 years. They wanted to recognize top performers in website design and functionality, grading entrants on four criteria:

  • Content
  • Customer Service
  • Brand Messaging
  • Visual Design

The Pallet Consultants website performed well in all categories, but scored especially good in content and customer service. Pallet Enterprise had this to say about our website:

  • “This design checks all the boxes and does it with a very clean, professional design. Probably what makes it stand out are the videos it offers on key topics and explaining why the company is a good fit for customers. Video topics include: basics of pallet audits, benefits of on-site pallet repair, pallet grades 101, and how to optimize pallet loading.”
  • “Pallet Consultants has a blog with a lot of posts ranging from tips to company news. It is one of the more content rich pallet industry websites.”
  • “Overall, the website offers good content and very professional, easy-to-navigate interface.”

Pallet Enterprise says our website “has little room for improvement”, but our teams aren’t ones to be satisfied with past accomplishments. We’re excited to begin the new decade on the right foot and we have many things planned in 2020, including expanding and continually improving our website. Expect more informative videos, useful blog posts and an even larger focus on customer experience!

An enjoyable and informative website that helps you find what’s best for you is a big part of customer service, and we are keeping and deepening our commitment to providing you with the best possible service – online, over the phone and in person. Start a conversation with us to experience this focus on quality and customer service for yourself. You can also read the entire Pallet Enterprise article here

If you have a pallet problem, we’re your pallet solution. From pallet products to services like heat treating and total pallet management, we can assist your operation or handle your pallet supply chain entirely for you. We’d love to review any questions you may have, start a conversation with us!