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Tips on Maintaining a Work-Life Balance From Our Leadership Team | Pallet Consultants

Tips on Maintaining a Work-Life Balance From Our Leadership Team | Pallet Consultants

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Everyone knows that people who are stressed, unhappy, or over-worked are less productive and efficient. Just as we like to nurture and respect our team members, as covered in our blog post on our company culture, we also recognize the importance of work-life balance. Hear from our Leadership Team how they maintain a work-life balance.

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Here at Pallet Consultants, we’re aware our team members have lives and families of their own. Balancing those personal needs with the business needs of our customers is key to having the happiest, most efficient, and ultimately most effective team members so our customers get the highest quality products and services.

One of the easiest ways to have more time at home is to manage time at work effectively. “I try to organize my work day to get what I need done,” says Sarah Donoso, our Assistant Controller. “It’s important to have that balance to maintain efficiency at work and continue to be a valuable asset,” she explains. “It’s important to be a ‘yes’ person, but know your limits.”

Sarah Donoso Assistant Controller | Pallet Consultants

Caroline Urtiaga, our Chief Financial Officer, uses similar strategies to have worktime used in a smart way. “Sometimes it’s inevitable to take work home,” she says, but adds “I think the company helps employees separate work and personal life.” Caroline is an early riser and gets up around 5 a.m. to exercise, clear her mind and help her better focus at work.

Caroline Urtiaga CFO | Pallet Consultants

“I’m super serious and super personal. I’m the guy here on a Saturday night,” says John Gamez, our Pompano Beach General Manager about focus at work. John is dedicated, to say the least. “This is my life, this is my passion. I’ve poured my heart and soul into this company,” he explained. But even someone with the zeal John displays knows the importance of downtime and being refreshed for work.

John Gamez General Manager | Pallet Consultants

John’s happy place is out on his boat in the Atlantic Ocean, catching one of his favorite prizes – yellowtail snapper. He goes out to deep-sea fish at least twice a week with his wife. Sarah does yoga with her husband and children, and also volunteers at her kids’ school to stay connected. “Find an exercise you enjoy and get fresh air, whether it’s walking, or biking or skating. It’s important,” says Caroline. 


Whether you do yoga, exercise, or go fishing, it’s important to unplug and clock out. This is how our team members stay focused and refreshed, always at the top of their game. You don’t get to be #1 when you’re tired, grumpy, and burnt out. “People get recharged when they have family and friendship time,” Caroline explains. With a smile, she adds “I believe in vacations.”

To read more about our company culture, check out this blog post. Our culture and focus on work-life balance make us strong through team members who are respected, well-trained, and ready to take on challenges.