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How We Keep Quality High and Consistent | Pallet Consultants

By: Pallet Consultants on January 23rd, 2020

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How We Keep Quality High and Consistent | Pallet Consultants

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Pallet Consultants keeps quality high through a multi-step verification process with built-in accountability, ensuring your orders are correctly manufactured and checked multiple times before delivery.

Inconsistent pallet quality is business as usual for many pallet manufacturers, but we know how important pallets of dependable quality are for your operation. That’s why we have a verifiable and accountable construction and shipping process that gets you the quality pallets you need with every shipment. Our pallet building teams are individually accountable for the pallets they produce through our barcode system, and multiple sets of eyes double-check all of our products before you receive them. If you’re interested in our quality control methods or our pallets, start a conversation with us.

We keep quality high through:

  • Well trained teams
  • An accountable building process
  • A barcode system that tracks pallets, preventing mix-ups and ensuring quality
  • A process where pallets are verified multiple times

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Our Quality Control Process

Controlling for quality in any manufacturing process begins with the teams that build and oversee that production. That’s why we invest in detailed and long-term training to ensure that our teams are knowledgeable about our products and equipment, which results in a better and more consistent product.

Throughout our facilities we have automated barcode scanning systems that keep track of every pallet. As people on our teams construct pallets, they attach a customized barcode to the side. This barcode tells us what kind of pallet it is, the pallet grade if it's recycled and who produced the pallet. Pallets don’t get lost or mixed up in our system, and people on the building line put their name on their work through their barcodes. This means that our trained teams can have proof of their quality work and additional training can be given to specific team members if necessary. Having oversight into the construction process allows us to make changes as needed and keep quality high and consistent.

Additionally, we have multiple people verify quality as the pallets go through our process. They are initially verified by the person who constructs the pallets, then by a minder who double-checks that all pallets being produced are of the quality the barcode represents, and finally by the forklift driver who visually inspects all pallets during loading. Having multiple inspections means less pallets slip through the cracks and your orders are the condition and type you order. Like all of our products and services, quality is guaranteed. Be confident your weight capacity needs are exceeded and your pallet dimensions are exact.

Pallet Consultants can service clients nationally with our many locations and affiliated partners. We’ve been in the pallet industry for over 20 years with a focus on customer service and consistent product and service quality. We also offer consultation services for facilities, from unit load consultation and pallet audits to logistics advice. Start a conversation with us to learn more about how a business relationship with us can benefit your facilities.

Whether you’re interested in our crates, boxes or recycled pallets, Pallet Consultants is your full service pallet provider! We also offer services like unit load consultation and total pallet management for all of your pallet and supply chain needs. Start a conversation with us and see what we can do for you!