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4 Ways We Keep Our Pallet Inventory Fresh | Pallet Consultants

By: Pallet Consultants on October 9th, 2019

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4 Ways We Keep Our Pallet Inventory Fresh | Pallet Consultants

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We keep inventory fresh to ensure quality and keep our pallet supply chain tight. Efficient core processing, pallet production and inventory rotation are key to keeping our products in peak condition and ready for distribution.

Managing a pallet inventory is about more than just having appropriate stock. Especially in facilities like ours that process and repair recycled pallets as well as produce new and custom pallets, efficient management involves a lot of thought around rotation, storage and number of touches. This work is necessary to maintain facility throughput as well as ensure all pallet products are stored properly and not damaged by rot or mold. Start a conversation with us to learn more about our inventory management benefits and facility efficiencies.

We keep our inventory fresh and flexible by:

  1. Repairing or dismantling used pallets promptly
  2. Storing as much inventory inside as possible
  3. Keeping our stock of pallets rotated with minimal handling
  4. Maintaining inventory at levels necessary to accommodate all orders

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Intelligent and efficient management and storage of pallets is the heart of our quick deliveries and high quality standards. Through quick turnaround we:

  • Keep standards high as individual pallets have more visibility
  • Reduce risk of mold
  • Reduce shipment times
  • Keep production efficient
  • More easily accommodate last-minute orders

Our inventory is separated and stored by grade, size and type of pallet. GMA pallets, which make up the largest portion of our inventory, are stored by grade. Pallet Consultants also specializes in custom and specialty pallets, which are stored together. All inventory is stored so that it can easily be rotated as orders leave and materials come. Pallet inventory that will be used quickly, those pallets will not even leave loading docks before they are loaded for delivery.

Pallet Consultants also produces large volumes of recycled wooden pallets, which means large volumes of used pallets must be dismantled and repaired efficiently. Used pallets are brought into our facilities as they come in, or are stored outside before being rotated into the facility as space allows.

Less handling of pallets means higher efficiency, which is why the majority of our inventory is stored indoors. This control over the storage environment reduces risk of mold, rot and ultimately means cleaner pallets. Indoor storage also means less handling and shorter load times, allowing us to load deliveries days ahead of time in some cases.


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If you have a pallet problem, we’re your pallet solution. From pallet products like new and recycled pallets to services like heat treating and total pallet management, we can assist your operation or handle your pallet supply chain entirely for you. We’d love to review any questions you may have, start a conversation with one of the leading pallet suppliers in the nation!