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How Our 24-Hour Delivery Can Make the Difference | Pallet Consultants

By: Pallet Consultants on February 12th, 2020

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How Our 24-Hour Delivery Can Make the Difference | Pallet Consultants

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No matter how it happens, when you run out of pallets your operation can be halted. In times of emergency, count on Pallet Consultants to do whatever it takes to get you pallets as soon as possible.

When you don’t have pallets, you don’t have shipments going out. Having shipments halted and throughput being affected is a worst-case scenario, and getting more pallets becomes a top priority. Pallet Consultants understands how important a fast pallet delivery can be to your facility, which is why we guarantee pallet delivery within 24 hours. No matter the situation or time of day, we’ll do everything we can to get the pallets you need delivered through our private fleet, several facilities and trusted partners. Start a conversation with us to learn more about our pallet delivery guarantees and fast service.

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Fast Delivery in Any Situation

Pallet Consultants was founded in 1996 to bring real customer service to the pallet industry. While some pallet manufacturers may be more concerned with their own schedules than your emergency, we recognize the difference quality pallets make during a difficult situation. When we’re alerted to a pallet shortage, we activate teams from across our facilities to prepare for and complete your order. Leveraging resources from across our company, our private fleet and our trusted partners we find ways to get you the pallets you need.

We can deliver at any time of the day or night to meet your needs, and are guaranteed to respond quickly and get you pallets within 24 hours. Not only does Pallet Consultants do whatever it takes to meet your delivery, we can also provide you with updates and constant communication. Our private fleet of over 500 tractor trailers are fitted with advanced GPS, giving us detailed information about your shipment’s current status. This includes real-time location, outside temperature and weather, current speed and expected arrival time.

We’ve made deliveries in inclement weather late into the night so first shifts can operate as planned. We’ve leveraged our business partners and relationships to get pallets to clients in places or situations where we don’t have capacity at the moment. We’re logistics specialists, not just pallet manufacturers, and we use those skills to work around obstacles getting in the way of your pallet delivery. As your partner and advisor, we deliver pallets one way or another so your facility can get back to being productive. For more information on our fast pallet delivery or past success shipping last-minute orders, start a conversation with us.

Pallet Consultants has experience solving issues and optimizing operations in hundreds of facilities across the nation. Put that experience to work for you. From pallet auditing and total pallet management to pallet manufacturing and recycling, Pallet Consultants is a full-service pallet provider. We’d be happy to take time reviewing your unique situation and answer any questions you may have. Start a conversation with us!


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