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Guide to GMA Pallets | Pallet Consultants

Guide to GMA Pallets | Pallet Consultants

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Our society tends to overlook the process of transporting materials and goods that are used daily. If you are considering the import of food and beverages, it is important to understand the types of sizes and grades of pallets and to also be familiar with GMA style pallets.

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What is a GMA Pallet?

The acronym, GMA, stands for The Grocery Manufacturers Association that establishes a set of standard guidelines for all food industry transportation, including pallets.


When distributors and manufacturers purchase GMA Pallets, it is a pallet produced to the GMA specifications and dimensions. More than 40% of pallets produced in the U.S. each year are GMA Pallets. The ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is the instrument in facilitating international trade and recognizes GMA as a set standard for pallets.


What are the different types of GMA Pallets?

There are six types of pallet sizes recognized by ISO, each is defined by the principle region being used. The most commonly used GMA pallet is the 48 x 40 in inches transferrable through the North American region and is constructed for the Grocery Manufacturers Association specifications.

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What are the pallet grades?

GMA pallets are classified not only by size, but the grade based on the number of repairs received. At Pallet Consultants we offer eight grades of recycled 48 x 40 GMA style pallets. The highest quality pallet is referred to as an “A” grade GMA (Grocery Manufacturers Association) pallets have no stringer damage. The deck board configuration is typically 7 top and 5 bottom boards with specific lead board sizes.



The “B” Grade GMA (Grocery Manufacturers Association) pallets have stringer damage and have been repaired with a corrugated metal plate and/or attaching a companion stringer (plug/runner) alongside the damaged one. The standard “B” Grade reconditioned pallet generally has multiple repaired stringers. The deck board configuration is not always consistent since the pallet has been repaired several times.


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In conclusion, to find the specific GMA pallet that you require, it is imperative to research and confirm the correct size and grade of your pallet. To have confidence in the correct option, contact one of our pallet experts and learn about your options.


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