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Does Your Pallet Company Have the Proper Insurance? | Pallet Consultants

Does Your Pallet Company Have the Proper Insurance? | Pallet Consultants

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Insurance is crucial and should always be asked about when considering vendors. Ensure your pallet provider has proper coverage for damages and injuries.

A properly licensed and insured pallet supplier is the only kind you should do business with. Pallets are heavy, and if not repaired properly are prone to breaking. Normal warehouse operations can also sometimes be dangerous and create monetary risk for facilities. Products being moved or stored can harm workers, broken pallets can result in workplace injuries or equipment damage, and there are many more ways for employee health and facility financials to face risk. For more information about the types of insurance Pallet Consultants carries, start a conversation with us. The possibility of costly legal fees and out-of-pocket expenses is greatly reduced if both you and your pallet vendor are covered against unfortunate events. Pallet Consultants carries:

  • Commercial general liability insurance
    • Medical expenses ($10K)
    • Personal  injury ($1M)
    • General aggregate ($2M)
    • Injury caused by products ($2M)
  • Automobile liability insurance ($1M)
  • Umbrella liability insurance ($10M)

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Commercial General Liability Insurance

Injury and accident rates in distribution and manufacturing centers can be reduced through training, but risk will always be present. Whether it's your employee injured or that of the pallet supplier's, comprehensive coverage ensures neither party is directly responsible for large payouts if lawsuits are filed.

Our commercial general liability coverage is generous and has multiple layers of protection. From insuring $10,000 in medical expenses per person to $2 million in aggregate coverage, you can rest easy knowing that your facility and teams have a reliable safety net.


Automobile Liability Insurance

Although our drivers have a stellar safety record, we understand the potential risks associated with industrial vehicles. That's why we have $1 million in automobile coverage. No matter the situation, the healthcare of any injured personnel is taken care of and any vehicle damages can be repaired.


Umbrella Liability Insurance

Just in case our other forms of insurance aren't enough, Pallet Consultants also carries a $10 million umbrella policy. This large and generous amount of coverage provides the ultimate safety net, and protects against even the most destructive and unlikely scenarios. In all our products and services, we strive to exceed expectations and impress in as many ways as possible. We view insurance the same way, and ensure that both our clients and ourselves are safe in every situation. For more information on our insurance policies and the many other ways we take great care of our customers, start a conversation with us.

As a leading national pallet provider, our goal is not only outstanding products and services, but also best in class customer service. We have over 20 years in the industry and can help you in any situation, anywhere in the country. Whether it’s new or recycled pallets, heat treatment or total pallet management, we can do it all.