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Difference Between a Pallet Audit and Unit Load Consultation | Pallet Consultants

By: Pallet Consultants on December 16th, 2019

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Difference Between a Pallet Audit and Unit Load Consultation | Pallet Consultants

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A pallet audit is a detailed inspection of the pallets a facility uses and how they’re utilized throughout the operation. A unit load consultation is an analysis of the current pallet performance and cost-effectiveness.

Pallet audits and unit load consultation are both related to pallet usage, but reveal different sets of information. Unit load consultation is generally a narrow a look into your pallet performance, how other pallet alternatives might perform better or be more cost-effective and how palletization can be optimized. Pallet audits are based around a facility’s goals, and can focus both generally and specifically on anything related to pallet utilization and performance. Pallet audits can involve a unit load consultation in addition to data collection on automation implementation, pallet inventories, pallet logistics and other facets related to pallet usage. For more information on the benefits of pallet audits and unit load consultations, start a conversation with us.

Pallet Audit:

  • Can include a unit load consultation
  • Is customized to each facility and its unique goals
  • Used to optimize pallet inventory and management

Unit Load Consultation:

  • Specifically analyzes pallet performance and effectiveness within facilities
  • Can be used to suggest a better performing pallet, or one that is more cost-effective while still meeting all operational needs
  • Can simulate palletization methods across pallet sizes to optimize space efficiency

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Pallet Audit

Pallet audits are used to investigate not only your pallets, but also how they are utilized throughout the facility. Built around improving a facility’s specific goals, problems or KPIs, pallet audits can be done standalone or as the beginning of a larger total pallet management program. Pallet audits can look into the pallet ordering schedule, how they’re unloaded, inventory kept on hand, how inventory is managed and handled, how the pallets and automated systems interact and even pallet recycling programs. This assortment of processes means pallet audits can be useful across industries and facility types. Pallet audits can bring benefits to:

  • Manufacturers
  • Distributors
  • Cross Dockers
  • LTL Companies
  • Logistics & 3PL Businesses

Pallets and their management play an active role in facility throughput and end user satisfaction, since pallets are way products are stored, shipped and protected throughout the supply chain. E-commerce is forcing many operations to be leaner and more dynamic, and regular pallet audits are a great way to ensure every part of the operation is as efficient as possible. The service can document and improve a number of operational facets, such as:

  • Pallet design consultation (unit load consultation)
  • Reducing shipping costs
  • Minimize product and pallet damages
  • Improve efficiency of pallet inventory
  • Maximize value in freight transport
  • Automation integration

These benefits come from the holistic dive into your pallet type, performance, inventory management and how those factors work within your use case. Pallet audits are a great way for facilities to reassess their pallets, ensuring they’re still as lean and effective as possible with their pallet inventory and handling.

 Unit Load Consultation

Changes in your facility layout, products or automated systems can mean missed pallet optimization opportunities. Altering any of these factors can mean your pallets are now interacting with different products or in a different environment than they were originally intended. A unit load analysis is often done during a pallet audit, but can also be performed as a valuable standalone service. Through a detailed examination of your pallet inventory, a unit load consultation will reveal:

  • Weight capacity of current pallets
  • More cost-effective alternative pallet dimensions
  • How weight is distributed in different pallet designs
  • More efficient palletization methods for different pallet designs
  • Pallet lifespan
  • Automated system interaction with pallet designs

Through software modeling and pallet experience, a unit load consultation takes a scientific approach to your pallet performance and use. This service ensures the pallets in your inventory actually are the best choice for your use cases. Advanced pallet modeling programs allow pallet designs to be tweaked and changed, showing the various performance and efficiency metrics for each pallet. Many facilities are using pallets that are not fully optimized. Wasted space, poor load performance and high costs are all areas of inefficiency that are minimized with the proper pallets.

Unit load consultations can produce savings many ways. An operation may be recommended better performing pallets, resulting in less broken pallets and damaged products. Pallets that are either too large or too small, even by quarters of an inch, can cause issues with automated systems or be less space efficient depending on the combination of materials being palletized. Some facilities may benefit from diversifying pallet inventories and use pallets of different sizes in specific situations, while others may see improvements by consolidating their pallet types.

Pallet Consultants has performed unit load consultations and pallet audits at hundreds of facilities across the nation in a variety of industries. With our team of experienced pallet experts and engineers we provide service and advice that has been informed by our long history. In the pallet industry for over 20 years, Pallet Consultants has been making quality pallet products, performing superior pallet services and offering effective consultation programs for decades. Start a conversation with us to learn more about how a business relationship with us can serve all of your pallet needs.

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