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Combo Pallets Are A Great Alternative | Pallet Consultants

Combo Pallets Are A Great Alternative | Pallet Consultants

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A combo pallet is a pallet with both new and used wood. This way you get the cost savings of used wood with the sturdiness of new lumber.

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What is a combo pallet?

A combo pallet is a mix between used and new wood. Although usually made from recycled deck boards and new stringers, combo pallets can also be made of used stringers and new deck boards. Also referred to as remanufactured pallets, these are an interesting middle ground between having to choose new or recycled material. You can take a look at our pallet offerings here.


Combo Pallets | Pallet Consultants

Why use a combo pallet?

These pallets are for operations who would like to save some money when compared to new pallets, but aren’t quite sold on the dependability of recycled pallets. As long as you get recycled pallets from a trustworthy source, they should perform just as well as new pallets. However, if new wood has to be used, and this is a great compromise.


Combo Pallet | Pallet Consultants


Combination pallets can give you noticeable savings, although not quite as much as recycled pallets can. However, since combo pallets are remanufactured, they will be in more exact dimensions like new pallets are. Some recycled wooden pallets may be slightly off-size depending on the vendor you order from, so a combo pallet will be better for your pallet management and racking systems.


Just like new and recycled pallets, remanufactured pallets can also be heat treated for international export shipments. Since they are partially made from new material, they should also have a longer life than traditional recycled pallets.


Lastly, combo pallets can also be made into custom sizes. So if you’re looking for custom sized pallets that also offer a cost benefit, combo pallets might be just what you’re looking for. 


Pallet Consultants has new, recycled, and combo pallets available along with other great services. From pallet retrieval to total pallet management with consistency and reliability, take a look at our products and services. Or, if you have any questions we’d love to spend time reviewing them with you. Start a conversation with us!