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Building Supply Chain Resilience for Disasters | Pallet Consultants

By: Pallet Consultants on March 26th, 2020

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Building Supply Chain Resilience for Disasters | Pallet Consultants

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From viral outbreaks to floods and hurricanes, disasters can suddenly push supply chains to their limits. Here’s how choosing resourceful and competent suppliers position your supply chain for greater resilience.

Many companies don’t realize how delicate their supply chains are until disaster strikes. Even in cases where preparations can be made a few days ahead of time, as in the event of a hurricane, there’s often no way of knowing how much you’ll be affected or what problems it can cause for your suppliers. According to a recent Institute for Supply Management survey, 75% of surveyed companies faced some disruption in their supply chain due to the spread of COVID-19.

Having competent, flexible and reliable supply chain partners with diversified assets can mitigate these disaster risks and keep your operation functioning while others stay shut. During challenging times you need a just-in-case supplier, not one that's just-in-time. Partnering with suppliers like Pallet Consultants can strengthen your supply chain through their ability to:

  • Monitor and Adapt to Emerging Situations
  • Leverage Diverse Logistical and Geographic Assets

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Monitor and Adapt to Emerging Situations

Disaster contingency planning and preparedness is important but doesn’t guarantee supply chain function. Rapidly changing situations can render past plans obsolete and unable to meet the challenges of a new reality. That’s why it’s crucial to have a partner that can both keep an eye on the factors that most affect your mission and ways operations can be best adapted to fit your needs.

Communication is key to reducing felt impact from disruptions and is a critical part of situation monitoring and adaptation. A supply chain partner that cares about your needs will be eager to communicate clearly and frequently through a dedicated account manager or someone filling a similar function. Ordering extra stock ahead of time, frequently sharing information in detail and other on-the-fly changes can be coordinated and made more effective with transparent communication.

A vigilant supply chain partner will see potential obstacles in the future when possible, but will also follow minute-by-minute updates as the situation unfolds and make informed changes as needed. Larger suppliers will always have more flexibility in their operations and monitoring resources than smaller operations with few locations. A more capable supplier will have a larger capacity for work over a larger area with more available staff. This advantage can be invaluable before, during and after an emergency. 

Leverage Diverse Logistical and Geographic Assets

A strong supply chain partner will have spare inventory, a network of facilities, large transportation fleets and an array of vetted affiliates all across multiple states and regions. The advantages of a supplier in this position are significant and result in real differences in operational capacity when compared to smaller companies with fewer resources. If public infrastructure or private assets in one area become destroyed or inaccessible your needs can still be fulfilled by facilities and resources in outside areas.

More resources can be given to situation monitoring and fluid optimization planning. Larger volumes of inventory can be shipped with higher frequency, and more available personnel and equipment mean more capable logistics and more work being done. The leveraging of these resource and asset networks across states enables a swifter, stronger and more effective response to disruptions. This reduces your operational downtime after a disaster and helps your facilities resume business in the shortest possible period of time.

Building resilience into your supply chain by picking capable suppliers and partners can be the difference between having a competitive advantage after disaster or being unable to open due to lack of key products and materials. Ask current and potential suppliers what their disaster response plans mean for your service and how well they can guarantee efficient disaster preparedness and service continuity after a major disruption strikes. Contact us to learn more about how Pallet Consultants has dealt with disaster in the past and ensured supply chain resilience for our clients.

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