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From time to time we publish articles discussing pallets and share success stories from around the industry for our subscribers to learn from and improve their businesses.

Morgan Russell

Morgan Russell is a participant in our 2018 Summer Internship program.

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Ways to Reduce Pallet Damage

Across the nation, broken pallets are more common than distribution and manufacturing center management would like to see—in some cases, the damage can cause up to millions of dollars in damages over a short period of time. Day to day handling, abuse, and poor quality all contribute to broken pallets, but none of them are more harmful than forklift damage. Forklifts are the most common source of accidents that befall pallets and are also the number one reason for pallet jack failures. Here are some problems that could be cutting your pallets life short and some solutions: Check our blog for all the latest in the Pallet Industry: 5 Benefits of an Onsite Pallet Repair Operation What is the Equivalent Number of Trees Saved by Pallet Recycling? Our 8 Grades of Recycled 48x40 GMA Style Pallets

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Pallet Management

Take Back Your Lunch Break with Total Pallet Managment

Pallet Consultants enables customers to take their lunch break back by designing a Total Pallet Management program specifically to meet their needs and manage their pallet inventory.   Today there is a rising trend in lunch breaks becoming few and far between, and on June 15th, workers all across North America were challenged to take back their lunch break.  

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