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Are You Better Off Using Recycled Pallets? | Pallet Consultants

Are You Better Off Using Recycled Pallets? | Pallet Consultants

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Recycled pallets have the same load performance as new pallets, but at a lower price and reduced carbon footprint.

New pallets are valued for their dimensional accuracy and aesthetic qualities, but these features come at a higher cost and aren’t necessary for some applications. Many operations just need pallets that work as expected and can be used for shipments without breaking. Recycled pallets fit that bill perfectly, and even come in different grades of quality so you can get exactly what you need. For more information on recycled pallets and how we grade them, start a conversation with us. Many facilities could switch to recycled pallets because they:

  • Have Comparable Weight Capacity
  • Offer Compelling Cost Savings
  • Reduce Your Facility’s Carbon Emissions
  • Have Shorter Lead Times

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Comparable Weight Capacity

Recycled pallets have similar weight capacity to new pallets. Especially when repaired by a competent pallet supplier with reliable quality control, recycled pallets will handle loads as well as new pallets in most situations.

Compelling Cost Savings

Recycled pallets can save you as much as 60% on your pallet purchasing costs since they are made from used lumber. Whether you’re a high-volume facility or a smaller operation, switching even just a portion of your pallet inventory from new to recycled can generate considerable savings in the near and long-term.

Reduce Carbon Emissions

When pallets are recycled, they are prevented from being thrown in landfills and having that lumber wasted. According to this carbon emissions estimator based on EPA calculations, each ton of pallets recycled prevents 1.48 metric tons of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere. With every recycled pallet having an environmental value, your facility can easily calculate the amount of  it’s saving and can use that information for public relations and possibly even tax incentives.

Shorter Lead Times

Since recycled pallets are already built and only need some repairs before reuse, turnaround time is shorter than building new pallets. Repairs can be made quickly and efficiently, especially by trained and experienced teams. This means recycled pallets can be ordered, produced and delivered on tighter schedules.


Recycled pallets have environmental, financial and lead time advantages without sacrificing load performance in the majority of applications. To learn more about our recycled pallet options and how they can be implemented into your operation, talk to our pallet experts.

If you’re interested in molded pallets or new and recycled pallets, Pallet Consultants is your full service pallet provider. We also offer services like unit load consultation and total pallet management for all of your pallet and supply chain needs. Start a conversation with us and see what we can do for you!