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3 Advantages of Pallet Design Audits | Pallet Consultants

3 Advantages of Pallet Design Audits | Pallet Consultants

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Pallet design audits are a type of pallet audit that focus on optimizing your unit load efficiency, shipping costs and more.

Pallet audits are a dive into different aspects of your pallet inventory and how they are utilized and designed. One type of audit is about pallet design, and focuses on the schematics of the pallets in your inventory and how they can be maximized for your application. As your manufacturing or distribution center evolves, so should your pallet inventory.

Through industry-leading software, prior experience and careful review, our pallet experts can find multiple ways to enhance your current pallet designs. Over time, changes in your products, packaging, warehouse layout or equipment can mean your pallets are no longer ideal for your operation. A pallet design audit is available as a standalone service or as a package that includes pallet quality, pallet process and pallet quantity audits. To learn more about how pallet design audits have helped our clients, talk to our team of pallet experts.

Pallet design audits can optimize:

  1. Unit loads and palletization
  2. Shipping costs and storage space
  3. Automated system interactions

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1. Unit loads and Palletization

How efficiently unit loads are created can have a tangible impact on many different parts of your operation. Optimizing unit loads through finding the best balance between pallet dimensions and the size, type and arrangement of products on those pallets can pay dividends over time.

unit loadThis is an example of a unit load, a collection of packages on a pallet that allows them to be handled together.

Whether your facility uses multiple pallet sizes or just one, their design can be enhanced to increase the amount of product held on each pallet. This not only reduces the total number of pallets needed for your inventory, but can also make creating palletized unit loads faster and safer. Through our experienced teams and use of the advanced Pallet Design System (PDS), we can find the ideal process for loading, shipping and storing your product inventory on pallets. A design upgrade could make unit loads more efficient by allowing more product to be stored per pallet while also making the palletization process faster and more uniform.


2. Shipping Costs and Storage Space

Once unit loads are enhanced through design improvements and the amount of product per pallet is maximized, shipping costs can be lowered and storage space can be increased. More products per pallet results in more products per shipment, reducing fuel consumption for each unit. Additionally, if these improvements are made throughout the facility’s pallet and product inventories, the amount that can be stored on pallet racks is also increased. Even relatively small increases in the storage capacity of a pallet can add up to significant differences when applied across a facility's racked pallet storage.


3. Automated System Interactions

As facilities become increasingly automated, the interaction between pallets and robotic systems will also grow in importance. From stacking and moving empty pallets to creating and transporting palletized unit loads, every touch done by automated equipment will have a lower tolerance for non-optimal design.

Human workers and equipment have more room for error and can be more flexible, qualities that are often hard to come by with current physical automation technologies. Small differences in pallet design related to deckboard thickness, pallet height, pallet width and other factors may confuse automated systems. This can confusion can prevent maximum efficiency from being achieved, or in some cases may cause product and pallet damages or even worker injuries.

pallet automationFacilities with automated pallet systems, like this one, should have a pallet audit done every couple years.

Pallet Consultants has experience helping clients improve the interaction between their pallet inventory and automated processes, saving them millions of dollars while preventing product damage and making their facility safer.


Your facility’s pallet inventory design can be optimized through a pallet design audit. With industry-leading software and our expert teams, your pallets can be enhanced to provide the best unit load for your products while reducing shipping costs and increasing storage. Interaction with automated systems can also be reviewed, ensuring your pallet inventory and equipment have the best synergy possible. Contact us to learn more about how your particular operation can benefit from a pallet design audit, or learn more about our other types of pallet audits.

Whether you need to buy pallets, sell pallets or have us handle your entire inventory for you, Pallet Consultants has the solutions to optimize your facility anywhere in the United States. We service clients nationally with a focus on customer service, dependability and speed and have locations near you. Start a conversation with us, and see how we can improve your supply chain and make your pallet headaches go away.