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5 Benefits of an On site Pallet Repair Operation | Pallet Consultants

By: Emily Johns on May 26th, 2018

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5 Benefits of an On site Pallet Repair Operation | Pallet Consultants

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The cost of buying back repaired pallets can become significant, however it’s often overlooked by distribution center management. Here are 5 reasons why you might consider on-site pallet repair. 




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What is on-site pallet repair?

Traditionally, pallet manufacturing companies sell pallets to a distribution company and will buy them back when they become damaged. In most cases distribution companies get credit towards buying back the now repaired pallets.

With on-site repair, these extra steps are skipped and broken pallets are repaired on the spot. It is becoming more common that major distribution companies, like bottling companies and grocery chains, see the benefit in repairing all pallets on their own premises.

Here are 5 benefits to repairing pallets on-site. Pallet Consultants also offers on-site pallet repair, click here for more information.


On Site Pallet Repair | Pallet Consultants

  1. Eliminate Time and Money Wasted Transporting Pallets

With normal pallet repair, you not only have to wait for pallets to arrive, you have to wait for them to be shipped out and return for repairs. This adds up to a lot of time spent inefficiently having your pallets moved around. Not to mention the rising cost of fuel and the decrease in available truck drivers. It’s making more and more sense to cut down on unnecessary pallet transportation. By starting an on-site repair operation there is no need to transport pallets to and from your distribution center. Your team members will spend less time loading and unloading pallets from trailers, and can spend more time focused on your operational needs.  

Onsite Pallet Repair | Pallet Consultants

2. Get Rid of Inventory Discrepancies

Having an on-site repair operation allows for complete inventory control. The traditional way of exchanging pallets isn’t cost-effective and has opportunities for pallet count errors on both ends. With all inventory kept on site, there’s no room for number discrepancies to exist and miscommunication to cause headaches.


3. You Don’t Have to Wait for Deliveries

Not only will you never run out of pallets with repairs happening on site, but you also won’t have to wait for deliveries. Time spent waiting for a trailer to come in or time spent unloading the repaired pallets is time better spent elsewhere. 

With complete control over your inventory, you’ll always have confidence that pallets will be ready when you need them. When repair is on your premises, you no longer have to depend on pallet manufacturers and repair centers for timely deliveries.


4. Always Have the Best Quality Pallets

Unless you are dealing with a large pallet company that has proper quality control, chances are you have experienced product loss in the past due to poorly repaired pallets. Pallet Consultants has up to 8 grades of 48 x 40 GMA style pallets and a variety of custom sizes to ensure that each customer is getting what they need for their specific operation. Often, smaller pallet companies will just term pallets as "high grade" or as a "low grade" repaired pallet. This should make you question how your pallet provider determines pallet quality. 


An on-site operation brings with it a pallet program designed specifically for your operational needs. This means you’ll have high-quality pallets more consistently because each repair station is tailored to your operation’s quality standards.


5. Save Money

Having repairs done on site will help you make your company budget a reality. 

There’s a lot of optimization gained from bringing pallet repair in house and eliminating unnecessary transportation of pallets. From counting and sorting errors, to time inefficiently used waiting for pallet delivery and inconsistent repair quality, there are multiple ways on-site repair gives you tangible benefits. There are many ways to lose efficiency with off-site pallet repair if you choose the wrong pallet company. Bringing that repair back on site is one of the easiest ways to tighten your operation and become fully-optimized.

According to a recent customer survey, Pallet Consultants was able to save our customers between 35%-70% with on-site pallet repair. We provide all necessary team members, equipment, and insurance to ensure your on-site repair is successful.

We also provide a variety of other services and products with a focus on dependability and customer satisfaction. If you have any questions, we’d be glad to spend time reviewing them with you. Start a conversation with us!


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