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10 Questions to Ask Your Onsite Pallet Repair Provider - Blog

By: Emily Johns on June 21st, 2018

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10 Questions to Ask Your Onsite Pallet Repair Provider - Blog

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We understand the concern that comes along with starting an onsite pallet repair operation at your facility. You have a lot of inventory and/or product that needs to packaged and shipped around the world and broken pallets could be a massive impediment to that goal. In order to avoid such a disastrous scenario, you want a provider that is known for its quality, trustworthiness, and consistency. 

Based on our expertise, we have compiled ten questions that you must ask a pallet management company before their team begins to manage your pallet program.


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  1. What is your company history? How long have you been providing pallet management services?

A company’s history could reveal a lot about their level of expertise in their product offering. When looking for a firm that will guarantee you a well executed service, you no doubt want to stick with the company that has consistently been offering their customers quality service. The Pallet Consultants team has had over 60 years of experience in the pallet industry, and that has been reflected by the positive feedback we get from our customers.

  1. Who are the major customers currently using your services? (Please indicate whether these services are provided on or off site.)

It is always nice to see that a company’s clientele include some of the world’s largest brands. That kind of trust serves as a hallmark of the great service that the company provides. By asking how many on site repair operations they are currently managing you can get a pretty good idea or their experience level. It is also important to note whether or not a company has off-site facilities. These off-site repair centers provide backup inventory, staff and storage space. 

  1. If chosen as our on site supplier, how do you plan to communicate with us?

Your on site pallet repair provider should always maintain direct communication with you. Having a chain of command is important and the proper management team in place so they can take care of the pallet problems and you can continue to run your day to day operation without interruptions. Therefore, you need to make sure that they will be compliant to your needs, and that they inform you of their progress every step of the way.

  1. Who have been your prior customers and what have they said about your services?

 Feedback from prior customers gives you, as a potential customer, the ability to evaluate whether or not others have had a positive, neutral, or negative experience with a particular company. Such evaluation, then, allows you to make a more informed decision as to which pallet repair company will receive your business, both now and in future.

  1. What major improvements in your service have been made in the last 5 years?

Major improvements to a service, such as development, automation implementation, etc.  signifies a commitment to excellence, quality, and ensures that your repairs will be carried out swiftly and effectively. Asking this questions allows you to determine whether the improvements a company has made to its services, in your judgment, constitute a real investment in making sure they deliver a quality service—in this case, pallet repair and refurbishment.

  1. What percentage of your revenue comes from on-site repair vs. off-site repair?

This question will give you insight on where most of their business comes from. This is an important question to ask because in most cases it is the companies with most revenue coming in from off site repair locations that will be able to service your location properly. This is due to backup inventory, storage, proper equipment ability to manage large amounts of people, etc.

  1. What steps has your company taken towards sustainability?

In a world of ever-decreasing natural resources, sustainability is critical to a company’s success. Particularly because pallets are made of wood, and wood is a finite resource, it is critical that ANY company offering pallet repair have a plan to conserve wood, and make their processes environmentally friendly so that pallets can continue to be created from the wood harvested in the forests of the world. A commitment to sustainability, such as Pallet Consultant’s has, identifies a company as wanting to make sure pallets can continue to be used, without unduly harming the wood from which they are made.

  1. What is your company’s role in the procurement process?

Your supplier should work cooperatively throughout the procurement process. This ensures a price you can both agree on while guaranteeing you receive accurate products and services. This is important because the main purpose of the external source  is to help save time and money. There are different roles an on site pallet repair provider can play the procurement process. It is important to know whether you are purchasing through a pallet broker or the actual pallet manufacturer. In most cases, when purchasing pallets from a pallet broker you are paying a premium and will not have direct contact with the manufacturer.

  1. In the instance of a supply disruption, how do you proceed to resume service for the customer?

As we all know, interruptions in a supply chain do happen, and are sometimes unavoidable. Sometimes, there is a shortage of material, or a natural disaster negatively impacts some point in a supply chain. A company with a plan to resume service to customers, and particularly a company which can lay out that plan and demonstrate how it works, shows itself to have a commitment to service and the customers it serves. This, in turn, will give you reassurance that, in case of a disruption in the supply chain, the company from which you are receiving services will resume those services as soon as they are able to do so.


  1. What has your company done to lower their costs while maximizing value for their customers?

In any business, saving cost while producing quality product and service is the goal. Pallet Consultants’ commitment to a more sustainable future plays a major part in keeping cost low. This an important question to ask ensure you get quality product at the best price.

There are many questions to be asked when choosing an on site pallet repair provider. Here are just a few! Whether your operation has made use of onsite repair for many years or is just looking to get started we will happily provide you will a free consultation, engineer a total pallet management program and ensure that all of your pallet problems are taken care of.







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