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Pallet Consultants continually re-evaluates the status quo in search of the next outstanding logistics and pallet solutions. We have one simple philosophy: Customer satisfaction and manufacturing expertise go hand in hand. As your partner and advisor, we make the best possible pallets and facility optimizations for your needs while being courteous stewards of our environment. 

Innovative, safe and entrepreneurial, Pallet Consultants was founded in 1996 in Pompano Beach, Florida. Created with the vision of premier customer service and industry-leading quality in our products and services, that mission is continuing into the future.

Through our respectful, communicative, and honest company culture that promotes learning and growth, our team is filled with the best and the brightest. It’s through our combination of highly trained and knowledgeable team members with our national reach that allow us to handle every possible pallet need in a way that guarantees accuracy, speed, and dependability. 

We’re always focused on developing the best optimization techniques for your unique situation. Whether you just need large amounts of pallets in exacting dimensions, or you’d like us to handle your entire pallet inventory and maximize its efficiency, Pallet Consultants is the ultimate resource for pallet and logistics services. 

Our team has over 60 years of experience in the industry and we excel in the timely delivery of quality pallets through fine-tuned manufacturing and transportation operations. We provide service within 24 hours throughout the continental United States. Whatever your pallet needs call for, we deliver anytime, anywhere in the US. We also have strategic locations near multiple large ports and can ship internationally.

Your success is our pride. Together we can make the world faster, more efficient, and greener for generations to come. 

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From new to recycled and everything in between, we've got you covered.

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Why Choose Pallet Consultants?

From new to recycled and everything in between, we've got you covered.